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  1. https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/openpython https://github.com/EcmaXp/OpenPython OpenPython makes micropython available on OpenComputers. micropython is Python for embedded devices and is different from CPython. Currently, micropython is partially compatible with Python version 3.4 as of October 2018. Features include: - Fully persistable. - Runs in a sandboxed environment and does not require a separate native DLL. - Supports virtual file system. - It can call other components and supports Lua architecture's UserData. Limitations include: - The firmware is 256 KB and the memory limit has the same limit as the Lua architecture, but the stack is allocated in a separate memory. - Most modules are difficult to use because the battery is partially included. - The operating system is not yet fully implemented, so the Python interpreter now runs. - Ctrl + C is not supported, so if you accidentally run infinite repeated code, the only way to stop it is to turn the computer off and then on. To use the Python architecture, you need the following items: - EEPROM (OpenPython): I'm sorry, but you have to bring items from the Creative tab. - Floppy Disk (OpenPython OS): This item can be obtained by creating a floppy disk and Scrench, or you can check it on the Creative tab. - OpenPython CPU: You can choose OpenPython architecture by holding Shift + Right Click on the Lua architecture CPU. It is still unstable, but we plan to make further improvements in the future. I need help from people who are familiar with OpenComputers and Python. Thank you for playing.
  2. This mod provide the way to use python on OpenComputers. (When i finish the work by next 2016 year, it will running as server mods so client are don't need this mods) = Source Code = - https://github.com/EcmaXp/micropython (MIT License) - https://github.com/EcmaXp/mpoc (Public Domain!) = Notes = - Build this mod are very hard. (Easy way is must require linux machine for build micropython library) - Currently multi state with micropython are working but can be crash minecraft! (VERY UNSTABLE) (i don't know why that is crash; sometimes bad free thing happen) - Do not repeat computer turn on/off or press key (or click, scroll, etc) rapidly - Only one instance of python are allowed. (designed for multi instance but it have bug) - There is no persist. (zero code for persist the thing...) (can't resume computer after restart server) - CPU/Memory limit are included but not sandboxed. - Require many module for fully function like Lua. = How to build? = 1. get micropython $ git clone https://github.com/EcmaXp/micropython.git 2. build micropython library in linux $ make -C opencom -> copy libmicropython.so + jnupy.jar in windows - windows port are unstable - (if you have VS2015 then just open micropython.vcxproj and compile) -> copy libmicropython.dll (still you require build jnupy.jar; check micropython/java folder) 4. get mpoc $ git clone https://github.com/EcmaXp/mpoc.git paste the library and jar file. and setup gradlew.build for include jnupy.jar content to jar file. 5. modify source code. dll and script path are hard-codeded must modify for new path (or using dynamic path like OpenComputers; it does exteract library from jar, and direct read script from jar) $ ./gradlew $ ./gradlew jar 6. now you get unstable mpoc-1.0.jar 7. get nbtedit mod for edit nbt for CPU 8. run minecraft and start game 9. modify CPU nbt by type /nbtedit oc:archClass kr.pe.ecmaxp.mpoc.MicroPythonArch oc:archName MicroPython 10. make a computer and run 11. Now you can see hello world! (with no library) I can't develop this mod. so there is no download. sorry Someone may happy with this mod.
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