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Posts posted by MajGenRelativity

  1. Lol, you must have looked at the GitHub listing. I keep forgetting to remove the reserved ports for my chat program, as it is garbage, and should be rewritten to use GERT. I don't really want to reserve ports for programs that don't even exist as ideas yet, so I'm not sure what to think about your suggestion. If you have a specific program you want a port(s) reserved for, let me know!



    Thinking back on my chat program, it's actually pretty ancient (circa 2+ years ago). One of the first programs I ever created. But, I'm removing the reservation because I will revise it to run over GERT which means it does not require its own port reservation.

  2. This is a centralized repository to allow users to communicate on what port numbers their programs use, and to reserve them in an effort to minimize overlap.

    This is a copy of: https://github.com/GlobalEmpire/OC-Programs/blob/master/Reserved OC network card ports.txt

    If you would like to reserve a number, please do any of the following:

    1. Post in this thread

    2. Message MajGenRelativity#4971 on Discord

    3. Message MajGenRelativity on irc.esper.net


    Currently Reserved Ports:

    Port 14: Ethernet over OC: Reserved by SolraBizna

    Port 148: GUI service: Reserved by Dustpuppy

    Ports 324-325: Stargate Dialing Service: Reserved by Demokela

    Port 4096: Minitel: Reserved by Izaya

    Ports 4378-4379: GERTi: Reserved by Global Empire

    Port 4662: Short messages: Reserved by Dustpuppy

    Port 9100: Network Print Service: Reserved by Dustpuppy

    Port 9900: Zorya BIOS LAN boot: Reserved by awoo

  3. 21 hours ago, skyem123 said:

    First off, this formatting is terrible.
    While I'm being nitpicky, this is standard thing rather than an advertising thing, so maybe don't describe why you think it's awesome, instead, focus on explanations of the protocol with neat graphics.

    Anyway, it is good that  you have explained how your protocol works in a step by step way.

    The formatting is terrible because I just copypasted it from GitHub do to the fact that the whitepaper won't be finished until the protocol is done. Once we make it to Release Candidate 1, I will be making a video with instructions on how to set up a basic network to play around with, and how to harness the power of GERT for great and amazing things. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to improve the appeal.

  4. Globally Engineered Routing Technology (GERT) is a networking protocol for OpenComputers that can network OC computers together, and connect different MC servers together via the Internet. It is also capable of linking real life computers to OC Computers. It uses an IPv4-like addressing scheme for computers, which helps generate easier to remember addresses, and it supports both socket and connectionless data transfer methods.

    More information can be found at https://github.com/GlobalEmpire/GERT/wiki/GERTi

    For more questions, please either post in this thread, or message MajGenRelativity#4971, or TYKUHN2#5283 on Discord. Messaging MajGenRelativity on irc.esper.net is also an option if you can't/won't use Discord.

  5. Hello!

    Yuon Survival is a 1.7.10 Custom Modpack Survival server looking for players!


    Custom Modpack: The modpack is custom designed around a good balance of tech and magic to open as many options as possible!

    Balanced Rules: Beyond some rules to prevent extremes, the server is open to many different play styles to foster a wide community.

    Online 24/7: Hosted on a professional server to ensure maximum uptime

    Whitelisted to ensure the safety of all players

    Clean Map: While the map has been around for a while, it is virtually untouched


    If you have questions or want to join, feel free to respond to this thread or join #yuonsurvival on irc.esper.net


    Server IP:

    ModPack : https://goo.gl/5knI8U

    Mod List: https://goo.gl/bXmAVb

    IRC: irc.esper.net channel #yuonsurvival

    Discord: https://discord.gg/uAKet

  6. This is a basic wired networking protocol that allows you to set up a rudimentary chat application over a WIRED network. This is the foundation for a far FAR more robust protocol I am developing


    local term = require("term")
    local component = require("component")
    local event = require("event")
    local m = component.modem
    local str="0"
    -- determine what channel people want to listen on
    term.write("What channel do you want to chat on? \n")
    local channel=io.read()
    -- begin event
    event.listen("modem_message", function(_,_,from,port,_,message)
    -- decipher, and print
    local cipher = "1234567890qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm"
    local function decrypt(str)
            str = str:gsub("%d",function(a) return string.char(cipher:find(a,nil,true)+47) end)
            str = str:gsub("%l",function(a) return string.char(cipher:find(a,nil,true)+86) end)
            return str
    if string.sub(tostring(message), 1, 9)=="encrypted" then
    local strlngth=string.len(tostring(message))
    message=string.sub(tostring(message), 10, strlngth)
    print("Got a message from " .. from .. " on port " .. port .. ": " .. tostring(message))
    print("Got a message from " .. from .. " on port " .. port .. ": " .. tostring(message))
    -- send a message
    term.write("is this going to be encrypted? \n")
    -- register cipher
    local cipher = "1234567890qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm"
    local function encrypt(str)
      str = str:gsub("%d",function(a) a=a:byte()-47 return cipher:sub(a,a) end)
      str = str:gsub("%l",function(a) a=a:byte()-86 return cipher:sub(a,a) end)
      return str
    -- determine whether encryption should be used
    local useEC=io.read()
    if useEC=="yes" then
      term.write("Encryption activated \n")
    while true do
      if tostring(str)=="endme" then
      if useEC=="yes" then
        str="encrypted" .. " " .. str
    -- send message
    m.broadcast(tonumber(channel), str)

  7. I have two computers. Each one has a screen and keyboard on top of each, and the two cases, but not the screens, are connected by a network cable. When the computers start up, the text appears on one screen, then the default OS screen appears on the other screen. This ends up being really confusing! I tried writing an autorun script that told each computer to set its respective screen as the primary screen component, but it didn't work. If anybody could help me out, that would be great!

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