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  1. NexCore is Shinexus 2.0 Last Update: 08/01/2016 -> 00:50am (GMT 0) I am sorry I have abandoned this website, so I am back and I shall try and be more active!! Here is the current server. We have a new website!!!!! NexCore Website UPDATE NEW SERVER UPDATE: The new server is out and usable, we have only started the Survival server, but as we add more servers you will be able to access them more and more. We have ~ 90 mods and a heap ton of new server software and MOAR RAM. I would love to make a nice community so please jump on and join in! Read below for more info. please note the server ip has changed: mc.dannysmc.com:25595 Download Mods Zip File Technic Modpack Link Server IP: + mc.dannysmc.com:25595 (Any problems just PM me here, has been changed!) Wall of Shame (Banned players): Chat Servers Slack Integration Server Worlds: Donators: Server Rules: Modpack (Downloads): Server Specifications Processor: Intel Xeon (3.4GHz - Octacore) RAM: 32GB SSD: 2TB Speed: 250Mbps We also have DDoS protection. Server Game Rules: + Command Block Output: False, + Fire Spread: False, + Keep Inventory: True, + Mob Griefing: False, Server Warning System: Mods List: All Mod Licenses:
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