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  1. still have no idea how to use the holograms..., i can't find documentation that actually expla on how to use them either... Can you make holograms easier to work with? something like: holo.set(<x>,<y>,<z>,<(true|false)>) true|false could also be on|off or 1|0.... just something to indicate it being on or off
  2. 1. Can you explain the holograms simply (like how to set 1 pixel) 2. how do I get the info from the adapter block?
  3. Could the camera possibly be hooked up to a hologram projector and show the exact terrain? if yes then what would the code for that be?
  4. I'm wondering how to do a few thing (I'm probably gonna sound like a noob) How do I use file system (Mighty Pirates video didn't help) How do I use displays(both monitor and holographic) Component requests/ideas: I was also wondering if someone could make a component that could read current energy running the builcraft pipes/Thermal Expansion Conduits, and IC2 wires. Something to detect the Exact ammount of items in a chest, furnace, hopper, ect... Ideas for mod: I would like if both my ideas for components were added to the mod. Sensors (like light sensor, item sensor, mob sensor, ect...)
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