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Posts posted by Lizzian

  1. On 2/1/2021 at 3:14 AM, Foxx said:

    im vary late but when i try i get this https://ibb.co/3WQyHKT



    On 9/15/2020 at 12:41 AM, Rip Van Winkle said:

    Trying to run the program gives me this error, I'm not sure what I've done wrong.

    You'll need to take the CPU out of your computer, shift-right click with it in hand to switch it to Lua 5.2 mode and then try again. The bit32 library isn't present in the (now default) Lua 5.3 Archetecture

  2. 8 minutes ago, KJ_65 said:

    Thank you for respons,

    I tried it with the full adress and that also didn´t worked.

    So how do i have to use the adress exactly?

    The first parameter for the send() function should be the modem that you want to receive the message, not the one you're sending from

  3. I'm actually surprised that the avatar import feature works at all.

    The login system for Discord expects the field in a given response to be a direct URL to the avatar, but in Discord's case it's just the hash for it and would require more steps to build the full URL.

    For reference, Discord's API (when you log in via it) gives the forums  the following, which is not helpful unless there's a way to construct the full URL (which isn't possible from what I can tell)

    "avatar": "8342729096ea3675442027381ff50dfe"


    The Twitter integration is actually built in so I suspect that one works.

    Ultimately this isn't something I can easily fix, sorry

  4. Update as of the 26th of February: It would appear that the forums has deleted my last two updates to the OP of this thread and also asked me to "update" to the latest version again today, despite me doing it yesterday....
    I am confident that the mix of MyISAM and InnoDB tables are to cause for this weirdness. I am now going to look at replacements. In the mean time, please make notes of stuff you post cause it could end up going poof

  5. As of the start of May 2020, i didn't notice any more issues with the forums, which I'm guessing is due to a combination of some settings I changed as well as setting up the background tasks to be run via cron on the webserver (as apossed to running with general traffic, which only got triggered by logged in members), therefore I'm going to assume that the issue is resolved and we'll be staying with the current forum set. If this issue does rear it's head again at some point, I will take another look at other solutions.


    Just a heads up, this is going to be a bit of a long post with a bit of technical information mixed in.

    Forum access over the past few days

    You may have tried to access the forums over the last few days (13th - 15th of January, 2020) and been met with a message that read something like "Forums are currently offline due to database corruption".
    Whilst the forums are now back up again, the database corruption is still here. I'll get into the specifics in a bit but first a bit of context:


    Over the period of the last month, I have been migrating to a new (and cheaper) dedicated server. The forums' files were moved over last weekend but they've been pointing at my database cluster for the past few weeks. Unfortunately, what wasn't apparent to me at the time (and I only realised it yesterday), is that the OC Forums' Database has a mix of InnoDB tables (good, they can replicate) and MyISAM tables (bad, they don't replicate).
    This has resulted in the database servers printing to their respective consoles, that various tables within the Forum's database are marked as crashed and should be repaired.
    After a while (or a few requests to the same table, I'm not entirely sure what causes it), it also causes the node that was being accessed to completely crash out, resulting in cutting off anything else that also happened to be using that node at the time. I've limited the forums to one node so the impact is lessened, but it still takes some time when Systemd restarts the downed node and gets it re-synced with the surviving node.
    I've also tried repairing the tables using various mysqlcheck commands, which didn't succeed. I found an option in the config to use "InnoDB" as the table storage method, but any combination of activating that and converting the MyISAM tables to InnoDB ones just ends up in either more crashes or stuff not even loading at all. Nothing I have tried is getting it back to how it was before all my migrations started a month ago.

    I do have some backups, but they're either from over a month ago, or already contain the corruption. Going forward, there'll be daily snapshots of the database nodes, but that doesn't help fix things retroactively sadly.

    What's the TL;DR?

    As it stands right now, the databases are corrupted and the frequency of the crashes is only going to get worse. One of the tasks that is currently "stuck" (and trying to manually run kills the database) is the cache clearing process. The table it accesses is a MyISAM-backed one.
    With no way to convert the tables or fix the corruption and the only way to "back up" the data of the forum is to take a snapshot of the (corrupted) database, there isn't a lot of options to be able to do a backup-wipe-and-reload whilst keeping all the data.

    Future plans and fixes

    To those of you who have been giving some domains towards the license costs, Thank you! They are a good help. The amount on the sidebar is currently a little off because trying to update the value end up killing the Database node, which is what alerted me to this issue in the first place (it doesn't auto-update annoyingly).

    So what's the plan?

    Right now? I honestly don't know. I'm contemplating switching to a different forum software, preferably something free/open source. But moving all the topics, discussions and userdata over is going to be a pain, even more so when the database is in a fragile state.
    I was looking into seeing if I could get the Wayback Machine to snapshot the entirety of the forums, but their site for snap-shotting everything confused me. (If you know more about this, please @Lizzian me on either the Discord guild or IRC). AFAIK the Wayback Machine allows you to snapshot single pages, so if you want to snapshot random pages/threads, please do.


    I'll be leaving this topic open for replies (if permissions allow you to reply, I don't know if you can and the database might die again if I try to look), so if you have any questions either reply to this thread or poke me on IRC/Discord.

    In writing all of the above, the database node that the forums is pointing to has died a total of 5 times so far and even made the container that the node was running in crash.


    Edit as of 24th of January: I think I have possibly fixed some of the issues? The cache table (which was at a whopping 18GB or so when I was trying to fiddle with stuff last week) has now been manually cleared out. Had to do that 2k rows at a time or the mysql client and server got killed for exceeding the container's allocated RAM amount. The tasks are now running smoothly and so far (it's only been 10 minutes since i did it) there have been no errors in the console!


    Update as of the 26th of February: It would appear that the forums has deleted my last two updates to this post and also asked me to "update" to the latest version again today, despite me doing it yesterday....
    I am confident that the mix of MyISAM and InnoDB tables are to cause for this weirdness. I am now going to look at replacements. In the mean time, please make notes of stuff you post cause it could end up going poof

  6. OpenComputers version 1.7.5 has been released for MC Versions 1.7.10, 1.10.2, 1.11.2 & 1.12.2 (NOTE: This will be the last version to support MC 1.11.2, future updates will continue to support 1.7.10, 1.10.2 & 1.12.2)


    As always, remember to make a backup of your world.

    Got an issue? Post it on the GitHub Issue Tracker or the support section of the forums.

    Download on Curse.



    New Features/Support

    This will be the last version for Minecraft 1.11.2. Minecraft 1.7.10, 1.10.2, and 1.12.2 will keep receiving updates.

    • Added: Barcode reader upgrade! (AmandaCameron)
      • An Analyzer can now be installed in a Tablet as an upgrade.
      • Provides the barcode_reader component.
      • When clicking on a block with a tablet containing this upgrade, the tablet_use event will contain information the Analyzer would normally reveal.
      • This allows getting components' addresses into OC directly by clicking on blocks.
    • Added: Config option to set max signal queue size (default 256, the same as before).
      • Signals pushed to the computer when the queue is full are dropped.
    • Added: Allow different HTTP request methods in internet.request (the method to use is now the fourth optional argument).
    • Added: You can now install Angel Upgrades in drones (Minecraft 1.12 only).
    • Added: Chargers can now charge items in nearby players' inventories.
    • Added: Experience Upgrade now shows its level in its tooltip (Minecraft 1.12 only).
    • Added: Extended item information to Thaumcraft Essentia Jars on Minecraft 1.12 (seebs)
    • Added: Support for SimpleLogic bundled cables on Minecraft 1.12. (asiekierka)
    • Added: Re-added Wireless Redstone (ChickenBones Edition) support on Minecraft 1.12.
    • Misc: Hide bounding box wireframe on screens while not sneaking
    • Misc: More robot names.
    • Misc: Updated the chinese translation of the manual. (3TUSK, ZeroAurora, JackyWangMislantiaJnirvana)
    • Changed: Cleaned up some wording in the config file.
    • Changed: gpu.bind is now faster.
    • Changed: computer.pushSignal now accepts tables of simple key-value pairs, but not nested tables.
    • Changed: APU tiers now correspond to their CPU tiers.
    • Changed: Putting unmanaged hard drives into a Raid now forces them into managed mode along with wiping them.
    • Fixed: Robots being unable to use buckets.
    • Fixed: Fluid dupe bug that I will not explain to you.
    • Fixed: Tier 2 wireless network card not receiving wired messages.
    • Fixed: Return value of robot.swing when the block breaks too fast.
    • Fixed: Server racks not sending messages to mountables quickly enough.
    • Fixed: Relays not displaying traffic accurately.
    • Fixed: Relay message relaying issues.
    • Fixed: itemDamageRate config option set to 0 not working. (svitoos)
    • Fixed: Crash with hologram.copy.
    • Fixed: Geolyzer's isSunVisible.
    • Fixed: Crash with remote terminals.
    • Fixed: A Robot without inventory deleting the items it drops.
    • Fixed: too long without yielding sometimes not triggering when it should.
    • Fixed: Crash when blowing up a computer while code is running.
    • Fixed: Another fluid dupe bug that I will definitely not explain to you either. Stop asking.
    • Fixed: Available architectures not always being what they should be.
    • Fixed: Crashes in AE2 integration.
    • Fixed: The AE2 ME Interface part not having network control.
    • Fixed: AE2 ME cells not having all intended information on inspection. (wkalinin)
    • Fixed: Crash with AE2 when power usage is disabled.
    • Fixed: AE2 interface not being recognized as components when channels are disabled.
    • Fixed: Some AE2 integration not working on 1.7.10. (wkalinin)
    • Fixed: Another crash with AE2 when power usage is disabled.
    • Fixed: Specific AE2 integration being very slow.
    • Fixed: Crash with IC2 Classic.

    OpenOS fixes/improvements

    • Fixed: Error related to installing OPPM.
    • Fixed: OpenOS timers being starved during blocking pulls.
    • Fixed: reset alias to reset the screen resolution to its maximum.
    • Fixed: Certain TCP connections in Network loot disk
    • Fixed: Various vt100 fixes
    • Fixed: Now errors properly on using print with bad __string metamethods

    List of contributors

    AmandaCameron, wkalinin,
    LizzyTrickster, svitoos,
    kchanakira, seebs,
    3TUSK, ZeroAurora,

  7. What screen resolution do you have?


    Have you also tried with a lower OC-screen resolution? The characters get squashed when the OC-screen size is bigger than the physical monitor of your pc/laptop can handle

  8. It will be ported when it can.

    Right now I don't think many other mods are supporting 1.13 and i believe something is changing again in 1.14 which would make updating to 1.13 a pain because it'd have to be re-done.


    Check the issue tracker on GitHub, there's probably a ticket there for 1.13/1.14 support

  9. OpenComputers version 1.7.4 has been released for MC Versions 1.7.10, 1.10.2, 1.11.2 & 1.12.2


    As always, remember to make a backup of your world.

    Got an issue? Post it on the GitHub Issue Tracker or the support section of the forums.

    Download on Curse.

    New Features/Support

    • Misc: when powering on, drones may fly a bit higher
      • will fly a above their starting block to get above nonfull blocks (such as chests)
    • Misc: more robot names
    • Misc: robot/drone swing respects harvestability of block vs tool
    • Fixed: zero sized files (bufferChanges failing to do its job)
    • Fixed: client crash when using remote terminal out of range
    • Fixed: inventory controllers now honor specified target slot
    • Fixed: T1 wireless cards now properly ignore wired messages
    • Fixed: waila integration by checking for nulls with relay block
    • Fixed: practical logisitics integration by not passing null for EnumFacing
    • Fixed: locking items in hotbar when gui is open
    • Fixed: some container names localized

    OpenOS fixes/improvements

    • Fixed: fixed event timing issues when pulling smaller timeouts than a current timer
    • Added: tty handles '\v' code to move cursor down one line
    • Misc: some openos cleanup
    • Misc: more memory savings
    • Misc: slightly faster boot up times

    List of contributors

    payonel, Wilma456
    Anar Abdullayev, TheCodex6824

  10. Unfortunately there's no way in the base forum software to switch the editor to BBCode.

    Looking at the Invision Power Marketplace, there is an addon for 3$ but that only adds support for referencing calendar events or downloads (neither of which we have enabled).

    So I sadly wont be able to enable this.

  11. The variable 'x' is only ever defined as 17 and is never changed.

    your loop will just iterate over the code 10 times.

    if you change the 'x' variables to 'i', then the modem calls will use the current number stored in i (which for your for loop above, would be 1 through to 10)



  12. OpenComputers version 1.7.3 has been released for MC Versions 1.7.10, 1.10.2, 1.11.2 & 1.12.2


    As always, remember to make a backup of your world.

    Got an issue? Post it on the GitHub Issue Tracker or the support section of the forums.

    Download on Curse.

    New Features/Support

    • Misc: Greatly improved Lua execution speed (asiekierka)
      • That means OC now executes Lua code roughly 70% faster than before.
    • Misc: Improved Filesystem and block data saving performance
      • Saving computers to disk is now anything between 5 and 500 times faster than before, depending on your system. Maybe even more.
    • Added: The Net Splitter is now a net_splitter component
      • This allows using computers to connect and disconnect various parts of your network.
      • Make sure not to accidentally disconnect your controller!
    • Added: New feature for filesystems: Locked mode!
      • A locked filesystem is read-only and cannot be unlocked unless recrafted or its mode is switched between managed and unmanaged, either action wiping the drive.
      • The name of the player who locked it is shown in the tooltip, allowing authenticated sharing of data.
    • Added: Bundled redstone support for ComputerCraft (SquidDev)
    • Added: debug.getlocal and debug.getupvalue
      • They only return the name of the variable, and nothing else.
    • Added: isSunVisible, canSeeSky, and detect to geolyzers
    • Added: Allow using morse code patterns like .-. in computer.beep
    • Added: redstone component's setOutput can now accept values larger than 15
    • Added: Allow the keyboard to connect to screens in more ways than before, e.g. facing a side of the screen other than its front
    • Added: Readded Project Red support on Minecraft 1.12 (BrisingrAerowing)
    • Added: Driver for the Reactor Chamber from IC2
    • Added: Inventory GUI for the rack-mounted disk drives
      • Can be accessed either by clicking on the rack or by right clicking the drive in your inventory.
    • Added: getMerchantId to trade offers from the Trading Upgrade to help with sorting them
    • Added: Readded AE2 power support on Minecraft 1.12, meaning you can now power your computers directly off the ME network again.
    • Added: scanContentsAt to debug card
    • Added: More accessible information from Draconic Evolution items
    • Added: Waypoints can now be placed facing up or down
    • Added: You can now craft two linked cards together to link them to one another
      • This will unlink them from any previously connected Linked Card.
      • The link channel is also exposed as a property on the item that transposers etc. can read, meaning that you can easily manage multiple linked cards.
    • Added: Allow setFrequency on owned Ender Storage chests (payonel and amesgen)
    • Added: You can now trigger wake-on-LAN over Linked Cards
    • Added: chunkloaderDimensionBlacklist and chunkloaderDimensionWhitelist to config for (dis)allowing certain dimensions for the chunkloader upgrade
    • Added: disk_drive.media function that returns the address of the inserted floppy disk
    • Added: Forge Energy support to items
      • Battery upgrades, tablets, and hover boots can be charged in Forge Energy compatible devices
      • Battery upgrades also support power extraction, allowing them to recharge Forge Energy devices acting as normal batteries
    • Added: The Analyzer now reports the internal components of an Adapter block when right-clicked
    • Changed: redstone_changed event for bundled signals
      • Now includes the colour that changed, and only reports the old and new values for that colour
    • Changed: The order in which cases are filled with components is now based on the slot tiers
    • Changed: OpenComputers is now a lot more quiet in the server log. (kmecpp)
    • Changed: robot.suck, robot.suckFromSlot, and transposer.transferItem return values
      • Instead of true, they now return the number of transferred items on success.
    • Changed: Use less annoying particles for nanomachines
    • Changed: Increased default number of platters in an (unmanaged) Tier 3 Hard Drive from 6 to 8
      • You will have to update an existing config yourself by changing hddPlatterCounts.
    • Misc: Improved cable rendering (SquidDev)
    • Misc: Robot inventories should now be compatible with even more modded inventory manipulation things
    • Misc: Robot Crafting (the Crafting Upgrade) should now be compatible with even more modded recipes
    • Misc: Screens should now stop working a lot less on server restarts etc. and be generally a lot more robust
    • Misc: Robot swing and use should now be a lot more robust and work with a lot more modded items like Hammers and Bows from Tinkers' Construct
    • Misc: Robot tank interactions should now work well with a wide range of modded tanks.
    • Misc: Improved chunkloader upgrade (svitoos)
      • Chunkloaders are now allowed in Microcontrollers.
    • Misc: Added more unicode glyphs to font (asiekierka)
    • Misc: The default Lua EEPROM now uses less RAM
    • Fixed: Inventory loss during minecraft server crashes
    • Fixed: Crash when placing microcontroller
    • Fixed: Allow the robot to swing at anything that would block its movement
    • Fixed: oc_nanomachines or oc_nm command not always working on servers
    • Fixed: Item duplication bug involving robots and voodoo magic
    • Fixed: Robot move commands not always actually returning whether the robot really moved or not
    • Fixed: Forcing the use of the LuaJ architecture not forcing the use of the LuaJ architecture
    • Fixed: transferItem checking the wrong side (cyb0124)
    • Fixed: "Unknown error" when transfering fluid to certain machines
    • Fixed: Item duplication bug involving drones and Wither voodoo magic
    • Fixed: Potential error with IC2 on launch
    • Fixed: Robots eating items they shouldn't eat when crafting
    • Fixed: Angel Upgrade not doing the one job it had
    • Fixed: Robots being really bad at trading with villagers. They were sent to business school so now they are a lot better at it.
    • Fixed: Robots forgetting how to move
    • Fixed: Item duplication bug involving robots and drones doing shady business with one another
    • Fixed: Network floppy disk not installing
    • Fixed: Fluid duplication bug involving robots being bad at draining fluids
    • Fixed: Drones getting funky after a wake-on-LAN
    • Fixed: Weird item update glitches involving robots and certain blocks like AE2 Interfaces
    • Fixed: Item duplication bugs involving EEPROMs' desire to behave like quantum particles
    • Fixed: Various fixes to AE2 integration
      • slot parameter in exportIntoSlot of the Export Bus is now an optional parameter
    • Fixed: Crash with Applied Llamagistics
    • Fixed: Crashes when you try to spawn computers by... unconventional means
    • Fixed: Setting enableNanomachinePfx to false in the config not actually doing anything
    • Fixed: When a robot gains experience, it now properly triggers modded effects that happen on XP Orb pickup
    • Fixed: Confusing Analyzer reports on computers that are shut down
    • Fixed: Microcontrollers now properly shutting down internal components
    • Fixed: Leash upgrade erroring for addon developers (josephcsible)
    • Fixed: World Sensor Card crafting recipe on Minecraft 1.10 and above
    • Fixed: Client crash involving cables and chunk loading (thiakil)
    • Fixed: Tablet screen freezing on certain events
    • Fixed: Terminal servers not properly connecting their Remote Terminals
    • Fixed: Lightning issues with ShaderMod (paulhobbel)

    OpenOS fixes/improvements

    • Added: reset command that clears the screen and resets the resolution to maximum
    • Added: rc errors are now being logged to /tmp/event.log
    • Added: -f option to cp
    • Added: aliases as part of tab complete in shell
    • Added: devfs psuedo files can now be zero-size
    • Added: Allow processes to handle hard interrupts
      • The process metadata now contains a signal field that is triggered on hard interrupts
    • Added: Support for \b and \r characters to tty
    • Added: Cut and Uncut to edit (AntiBlueQuirk)
      • Ctrl+K to cut, Ctrl+U to insert a line
    • Misc: tty and cursor logic separated, reducing memory cost for custom cursor behavior with term options
    • Misc: Improved command substitution, now more like Linux sh
    • Misc: less is now the program used for man
    • Fixed: Various vt100 fixes
    • Fixed: Processes now close file handles on exit
    • Fixed: Autorun on read-only filesystems
    • Fixed: Crash in edit

    List of contributors

    payonel, Vexatos,
    asiekierka, SquidDev,
    kmecpp, BrisingrAerowing,
    cyb0124, svitoos,
    AntiBlueQuirk, josephcsible,
    amesgen, thiakil, paulhobbel

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