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Everything posted by SpiritedDusty

  1. Moved to appropriate section.
  2. HTTP is your only option for getting files onto a computer. If you don't want to use Github, you could host your own HTTP server or use a free webhost online. But I definitely recommend learning how to use Github, it's fairly simple and straight forward.
  3. Moved to appropriate section.
  4. Moved to appropriate section.
  5. Very convenient tool! This is the go-to utility when developing EEPROMs
  6. Woah that's one cool map. Does the map data update live?
  7. Very well written and detailed post! I saw the title of this post and was immediately interested. Taking a look on the possible architectures, I agree with you on that ARM would probably be the best architecture for this situation. The idea of being able to play with low-level CPU stuffs in Minecraft is very exciting in my opinion. I've always had a fascination with low-level programming and CPU architectures. Ever since I started playing with ComputerCraft and OpenComputers, I've always been fantasizing over a lower-level computer Minecraft mod. And what you have proposed, is exactly what I'
  8. Huh... Never knew about that. Cool trick!
  9. There is no support for rendering individual pixels on the screen. The closest you can get is to render a blank character with a background color.
  10. Awesome looking mod! Will be keeping an eye on this
  11. Moved to correct section.
  12. Moved topic to correct section
  13. You would have to iterate through the component. for k, v in pairs(component.Reactor) do print(k .. ' : ' .. v) end
  14. Wow that's a cool program. Probably one of the coolest I've seen so far. Is there support to make the skin stand upright?
  15. I believe each server rack is independent of others and limits on one server rack will not apply to limits on other server racks. The 20 packet per 5 tick limit should count independently for each server rack. As for your other questions, I have no clue. Sangar would probably have to answer them.
  16. Moved topic to miscellaneous.
  17. You could use Lua's goto statement. if evaluateInput() == 'quit' then goto quit elseif evaluateInput() == 'some other stuff' then -- continue program end ::quit:: EDIT: Moved topic to correct section.
  18. This would require rewriting almost the entire mod and without an API like Forge, this would be quite difficult. The guide that you mentioned appears that hex editing is required to modify the game. Hex editing doesn't seem like a reasonable method for creating mods.
  19. SpiritedDusty


    Here's a simple example: goto skip print('This line should be skipped') ::skip:: "Skip" could be replaced with any keyword you want.
  20. Is there a lot of latency? The concept seems like a cool idea but I don't know what I would use this for.
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