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  1. Can you please clear up exactly what you are after?
  2. I believe Lua is a very powerful and solid language, and I don't believe MS-DOS compares or would be worthwhile recreating/supporting in Minecraft or OC. I think if you spend some quality time learning Lua it'd be worthwhile. If you know C++ (or any programming language), Lua shouldn't be so hard to pick up and understand. Edit: https://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/202-minios/
  3. Posts from new users need to be approved by a moderator before they show up.
  4. It is possible. I'll have to see what everyone else thinks or suggests. Thank you.
  5. Not approved. Moved to public archives. 23/12/14
  6. Locked until approved by staff team. scj643: PM me for further information if required.
  7. It seems there is a communication issue here with your translation to English. I can somewhat understand what you are saying but I require you to supply an IP address for this topic to be valid. Knowing that this isn't a rule set on the forums, I will leave your topic unlocked but would like to see a little bit more detail about the mods and the address to join the server. Regards, Ir7
  8. Dear OC, This is an *example* request, it does not need to be filled, but hopefully, it helps out members wanting to request something. Description: I am making a program to make a string into all different colours including rainbow. Function: I would like a function that allows me to make a string rainbow per character and prints it. A simple function such as rainbowify(string) would be great! Deadline: I'm not too fussed, I would appreciate it as soon as possible.
  9. Sorry for the long reply. I have been trying to fix this issue for a while now. Unfortunately it seems unfixable unless without messing with the template too much. I apologize for your troubles. If you are uncomfortable with using this theme, I am happy to allow you access the default theme. Simply contact me via a private message.
  10. Ir7_o

    Using Support

    When posting a thread/question in the support thread please consider the following things: - Elaborate your question/query to help with the process of answering it. - Keep a neat layout/structure to your question including: - Title - Explanation - Replication - Extended information - Include the code you're currently using, config files (if available) and logs/errors under the replication header - Under extended information include anything which doesn't come under the other headers. This thread will be open to changes and is not "set in stone
  11. Any forum games topic submitted will need to approved by the moderation team before it can be viewed by the community. This is to prevent spam or offensive games. 1. Game must not being offending or insulting to any persons. 2. Game must not be a 'post count increaser' 3. Game must not be a duplicate of another game. This also means it cannot have the same principle of an already posted game.
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