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  3. This scares me. This is terrifying. This should not be allowed. It's mesmerizing
  4. I added a program: "Project Stardust", it allows using OpenOS software on Fuchas ! you just have to "sudo stardust <path of openos program>"
  5. I play on a server so I can't get you the save but all the mods are listed here https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/stargatemc.135186/mods
  6. Earlier
  7. Everything looks alright... It should work. Can you send me your save + the mods?
  8. Middle click works for me on FF 76.0.1 on Win10, as does Ctrl click. I would presume this was a browser bug.
  9. A while ago i made a JVM in Lua with the first goal of running Java on OC, just because i like Java and we all know it's a good programming language. So here's the JVM running a program that fills GPU: Oops, made a typo. Ok at first this might not seem impressive at all, but now you can interact with components using Java! That's an awesome thing for Java-ers like me! Race to first Java OS in OC? Anyone? Here's the (simple) code i used above import lukyt.oc.Component; public class ComponentTest { public static void main(String[] args) { String gpu = Component.getPrimary("gpu"); Component.invoke(gpu, "setBackground", new Object[] {0x2D2D2D}); Component.invoke(gpu, "fill", new Object[] {1, 1, 160, 50, " "}); System.out.println("Filled screen with RGB 0x2D2D2D"); } } Here's GitHub page (to download and use on your favourite OC computer): https://github.com/zenith391/lukyt
  10. Could you make a video showing how it doesn't work because it doesn't make sense to me right now.
  11. You should see this if you type: edit DC.lua local term = require("term") local computer = component.computer local door = component.os_door local magReader = component.os_magreader local modem = component.modem Where is says os_door change it to os_doorcontroller Or just replace that line of code with this local door = component.os_doorcontroller That should work.
  12. The downloader requires an insane amount of ram so you might have to give it more sorry it's... not well designed ^^;
  13. Hey, just a question. I've been trying to download BRGC, and my computer seems to always get stuck downloading br_grid_control and times out, failing to download it. Is there anything I should check that I might be doing wrong?
  14. Seems like this small script is gone, removed by codepen robots, and i cant find it in my archives. This script was cutted version of .vox converter. You can use it instead, but will need extra work on output. Your comment is my award! Thank you for using it and telling me this.
  15. I'm truly starting to think this is some weird edge case bug but I don't have any clue why it is. I should note the machine is from ExtraPlanets so maybe there's something wrong with how that is interfacing with OC? I'm far from knowledgeable when it comes to Scala so I'm not sure.
  16. What happened to this script? "404 (Page Not Found)" Altogether simply great work. Even after almost 5 years the Data Center is still one of my favourite Minecraft models. I've built it many times. It's a great base that everyone can set up according to their own needs. You should have won a design award for it.
  17. Ohhh, that's all clearer now, np, thank you and also you made a fantastic job!
  18. 1. It is not, many slots are empty. 2. Yes plenty of items have been sucked in that loop until the last iteration. 3. Max size is 64.
  19. Yeah, so the 'suckFromSlot'-method does not move items. I haven't found bugs in your code, so I assume it works. So here are a few questions: - Is the inventory of your robot full? - Were items sucked from the output slot in the loops before? Maybe you cannot extract items from that side of the machine? - What is the standard stack size of the output slot? try to read it when there are no items in this slot
  20. Is 1.12 okay? I'm forced to use it because of all the mods that use it.
  21. I think my RAID is full, how can I check?
  22. Hello everyone, I'm a new user, I do have experience with ComputerCraft / Lua / coding. So a robot can craft stuff from it's inventory, can it also operate an assembler? (btw, is there a OpenComputers-guide-for-ComputerCrafters) Thanks in advance, Guido
  23. Just tested (Edgium Canary on Windows 10) and works completely fine. Edgium = edge + chromium
  24. I had this problem too, and solved it with a temporary PC with the loot disk payonel mentioned, and a hard drive. Apart from memory+APU+screen+keyboard, that's it. I booted the PC off the floppy disk, and made a note of the hard disk's ID, than ran 'install'. Then 'shutdown' for an obvious reason. Now, take everything out of your computer, if you wish. Put the newly flashed hard drive in the server, and start it (should succeed). I actually flashed two drives, the other was Plan9k, using this method.
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