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#OC Bot Commands

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The list below isn't up to date, the commands posted below may nolonger be correct, if in doubt contact a bot's owner. ~ Lizzy


The lists below contain the commands for each of the bots permitted in #OC


Current Bots in the channel (and their owners):

  • EnderBot2 owned by JoshTheEnder
  • ^v owned by Ping
  • SuperBot is owned by SuPeRMiNoR2
  • Kibibyte owned Kilobyte
  • MichiBot owned by Michiyo
  • ocdoc owned by gamax92

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} } EnderBot { {

Fancy formatting cause f*** you! :P

Ok, EnderBot's commands are: 
< > indicates required parameters, EnderBot will moan at you if you forget them...
[ ] indicates optional parameters 
?help :Prints you a list of the help topics that are available
?<topic> ​:Will send back the help data associated with the specified topic (see previous command)
// The above commands now come through me (JoshTheEnder)
That bot is nolonger active and I have not yet put it into EnderBot2


Helpful commands 
.jenkins [JobName] :Sends back information about builds of OpenComputers and it's addons, you can also specify any number of jobs to get links to those jobs.

.githubstat / .gitstat / .gs :Shows the GitHub status

.trivia :Sends back some trivia about OpenComputers

.commands :Sends you here :)


Part-Time commands

These commands only work when ^v is not in the channel.


.forums :Sends back a link to the forums

.rules :Sends back a link to the Channel Rules

.ping :Sends back the word "PONG", useful to see if your connection is still active (Unlike ^v's PING command, it WILL NOT provide the time it took due to complications)


That's all for now, more commands later //probably

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.r .releases .release : links downloads for releases
.w .h .help .wiki : lists help for functions/wiki pages
.j .build .beta : links downloads for jenkins
.require .req : generates code to require a component or api
.tell : tells a person something the next time they talk
.openprg : compiles and pushes openprograms site
.luaj .lj : executes lua 5.2 code
.l53 .lua53 : executes lua 5.3 code
.l .lua : executes lua 5.2 code
.bc .calc : calculates large numbers
.f .forums : links to the forums
.borkluaj .blj : executes lua 5.2 code
.github .git : links to the oc github
.commits : OC commit statistics
.downloads .dlstats : oc github download statistics
.openp .openprograms : links to the openprograms site and github
.rules : links to the channel rules
.openc .opencomponents : links to the opencomponents jenkins

.mcdown .mc .mcstats .mcstat : checks if mojang's servers are down

.RSA-SHA512 .sha512WithRSAEncryption .sha512 .SHA512 : SHA512 hash
.SHA .RSA-SHA .sha .shaWithRSAEncryption : shaWithRSAEncryption hash
.RSA-SHA384 .SHA384 .sha384WithRSAEncryption .sha384 : sha384 hash
.whirlpool : whirlpool hash
.md5 .ssl2-md5 .RSA-MD5 .MD5 .md5WithRSAEncryption .ssl3-md5 : ssl3-md5 hash
.sha256WithRSAEncryption .SHA256 .sha256 .RSA-SHA256 : RSA-SHA256 hash
.sha224WithRSAEncryption .RSA-SHA224 .SHA224 .sha224 : sha224 hash
.dsaEncryption .RSA-SHA1-2 .DSA-SHA1-old .DSS1 .DSA .RSA-SHA1 .ecdsa-with-SHA1 .dsaWithSHA1 .dsaWithSHA .DSA-SHA .DSA-SHA1 .ssl3-sha1 .SHA1 .sha1 .dss1 .sha1WithRSAEncryption : sha1WithRSAEncryption hash
.RSA-MD4 .MD4 .md4 .md4WithRSAEncryption : md4WithRSAEncryption hash
.RSA-RIPEMD160 .ripemd160WithRSA .ripemd160 .RIPEMD160 .ripemd .rmd160 : rmd160 hash
.< : admin lua
.unignore : unignore all users that match
.ignore : prevents a user that matches from using a command
.cmd : executes batch
.> : admin lua
.a> : asyncronous admin lua
.raw : sends raw data
.fishencode : text to fishstacks generator
.rl : outdated Gopher's robot bytecode
.mb .malbolge : http://esolangs.org/wiki/Malbolge
.barely : http://esolangs.org/wiki/Barely
.encbarely : text to barely generator
.gendfuck .gendumbfuck : text to dumbfuck generator
.unmb : encodes normalized malbolge
.] : http://esolangs.org/wiki/Right_bracket
.ssbpl : incomplete http://esolangs.org/wiki/SSBPL
.encodeag .encagony : text to agony generator
.encbf .encbrainfuck : text to brainfuck generator
.df .deadfish : http://esolangs.org/wiki/Deadfish
.bf .brainfuck : http://esolangs.org/wiki/Brainfuck
.sstack : http://esolangs.org/wiki/Super_Stack!
.mbdbg .malbolgedbg : debug malbolge
.cf .clusterfuck : http://esolangs.org/wiki/Clusterfuck
.dumbfuck .dfuck : http://esolangs.org/wiki/Dumbf*ck
.ag .agony : http://esolangs.org/wiki/Agony
.fishstacks : http://esolangs.org/wiki/Fishstacks
.rnmb : normalizes malbolge
.logmatch : finds random quote that matches
.tohastebin : uploads to hastebin
.ub64 .unb64 : base64 decodes
.ip : gets the ip of a user
.freq : word frequency statistics
.host : gets the hostname of a user
.acronym : generates words for acronyms
.find : lists users that match ie .find ip
.drama : asie's drama generator
.lines : counts total lines of lua in the bot
.hex .tohex : converts to hex
.short .s : shortens url
.pipe : pipes commands
.hastebin : grabs hastebin id
.random : random quote
.b64 .tob64 : base64 encodes
.account : gets the account of a user
.rle .repnotate : rle encodes aaaaabbbb -> a5b4
.fromhex .unhex : converts from hex
.repeat .rep : repeats a string
.v^ .p .ping : CTCP pings someone
.paste : posts text to the webserver
.say .spell .echo : echos
.factor : factors a number
.len : shows length of text
.source .sauce : my source
.pastebin : grabs pastebin id
.reverse : reverses text
.namegen : generates names using chanserv
.pfind : lists users that match a pattern

.swank : unicode font
.doublestruck : unicode font
.blend : scrambles text
.bm .benchmark : benchmarks lua 5.1 code
.bold : unicode font
.2^53 .9007199254740992 : 2048 clone
.sdate : gets Eternal September time
.wikipedia : generates random wikipedia page
.newvote : creates a new vote
.greek : unicode font
.! : epic!!!!1!!!1!!!!1!!1!one
.derpfont : randomizes the unicode font
.serif : unicode font
.ips : benchmarks instructions per second
.lazyupdateoc : updates OC on my server automatically
.fc .failcaps : scrambles caps
.flipcaps .lc : flips caps
.monospace : unicode font
.ultrabold : unicode font
.sksboard : siimulatees SKS''s kkeyboarrd
.aeiou : aeiou rotate math -> meth blame gamax
.endvote :
.vote :
.rb .rainbow : turns text into a rainbow
.ip2num : converts a ip to a number
.16384 .2^14 : 2048 clone
.num2ip : converts a number to a ip
.mispell : mispells text
.rot13 : most secure encryption ever made
.slap : slaps someone
.derp : herp
.failblend .fb : scrambles letters and caps
.supermispell : super mispells text
.herp : derp
.ALOT .alot : links to alot is better than you at everything
.2048 .2^11 : 2048 game
.script : unicode font
.steal .wouldsteal : links to 10/10 would steal
.beep : boop
.genesolang .geneso : fail esolang generator
.boop : beep
.dubstep .wobbo : WooooooobboooooWobboooooooooooooo
.rot47 : second most secure encryption ever made

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Kibibyte has quite a few commands. You can use the #help command to get a list of the ones you can use. Most used ones:


#g <term> - searches for a term on the google search engine

#tell <nick> <message> - forwards a message to someone else

#drama - pulls a drama from asies drama generator. Adding the -c flag makes it show the times the generator was accessed instead

#seen <nick> - shows when nick has last been seen talking. Note: it ignores +s channels unless you are in them as well.

#y <term> - looks for youtube videos

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