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    • Lizzy Trickster

      Latest Stable OpenComputers Version   11/26/16

      The latest released version of OpenComputers is version 1.7.1 for MC 1.7.10, 1.10.2, 1.11.2 & 1.12.1. See more information here! Beta/Dev builds can be found at the Jenkins Build Server (ci.cil.li)
    • Lizzy Trickster

      !!FORUM DOWNTIME!!   01/16/18

      On 2018-01-27 the forums will be going down at around 1100 GMT0 for up-to 5 hours to allow for hardware configuration changes on the system that hosts these forums as well as various updates to patch recently publicised CPU vulnerabilities. Apologies for the inconvenience that this will cause.  If you would like to keep up-to-date on the progress of the work, join our IRC channel (http://webchat.esper.net/?nick=&channels=oc) or our Discord ( https://discord.gg/0hVukoQ2KYifZFCA ).

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Hello Minecraftians! Today I have released my first OpenComputers Program. Bellow I have screenshots and details. Please leave feedback :)


OpenReactors is a program to monitor your BigReactor's reactor, Requirements are listed below


  • Tier 2 Screen (Tier 3 recommended)
  • Tier 2 Graphics card
  • Internet Card (to download the program)



run pastebin get x8G9XRrt open-reactors.lua




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I did read the code, its nice to learn something, more info about this nice program will get more OC addicts :-D


its not hard to find what components you need and its 10x easier to use OC the CC...

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Saddamo, This application doesn't need much more information. once downloaded and ran it will guide you through with an install wizard :D, Somethings to note, that hopefull most people should know if they are using this program, is that the reactor needs a computer port and has to be connected to your computer. Second thing is that you need a touch compatible computer, which is why I said, under requirements, you need a tier 2 graphics card and screen.

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The question is what you can do with turbines.. read its values? at least for me that's not really useful, well maybe to calculate the energy output. that could be nice.. but what use for it do you have beyond that?

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is there a way to make this work with access points? If so how?

I want some way to be able to wirelessly connect multiple reactors but I don't want to wire it all due to space.

btw: I have absolutely no previous coding experience except basic on a calculator.

when I say multiple, I mean multiple computers and multiple reactors but separate networks, my problem is space required

Sangar: please don't triple-post.

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is there any way you could tweak this program to check the power levels in a network?


I have ender io capacitor banks storing excess power but the reactor doesnt take them into account when checking power levels and I would like it to.


Awesome program btw, shame it does not control the rods by the look of it could that be added?

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just so you know, this is no longer working with the latest update of open reactors


throws error:


bad argument #1 (string expected, got nil)

stack traceback:

[C]: in function 'error'

machine:631: in function 'spcall'

machine:1245: in function 'proxy'

/reactor.lua:87: in function 'main'

/reactor.lua:390: in main chunk

(...tail calls...)

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I found out this code still works with Extreme Reactors in DW20 pack for 1.12.2.  But I was interested in just letting the control rods scale themselves to the current use of the reactor energy level, and tweaked it a bit. All credit to 2016mfransen, but if anyone is interested here are a couple extra lines of code:  https://pastebin.com/ZqHVCeYy

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