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Forum captures middle-clicks?

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I've noticed that if I middle-click on a forum link on the main forum page (it doesn't seem to affect sub-pages), it opens a new tab for the forum as usual--but it also advances as if I'd left-clicked on the link as well, preventing further middle-clicking. This is annoying when I'm trying to get caught up on my reading. Why is this happening?


EDIT: this also affects subforum links and thread links, but not, say, the wiki link.

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Middle-click works fine for me in Firefox, but Ctrl/Cmd-click still has the behavior that the OP described. Trackpads don't have middle-click, so I need to use Ctrl/Cmd-click when I use my laptop without a mouse plugged in.

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And for me it's broken on OS X and Windows. :P If it matters, I'm using Firefox Developer Edition (the preview/beta-ish version of Firefox), not sure if that makes a difference. The Cmd-click issue has been like this for a while now, so any changes related to that should be in release Firefox too.

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I have the same issue using Google Chrome on Windows 10, middle click opens the new tab, and it also goes to the link like I wasn't middle clicking.

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