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How to identify which side is connected to the computer



I am looking for a way to identify which side of an external block is connected to the computer network.  For instance if I had a chest connected to an inventory and wanted to be able to use an inventory_controller upgrade to inspect contents I would have to know which side to access in the methods.  What if a user hooked the chest to a different side than the way I wrote the code.  In other words, have the program search and determine which side to utilize in the program.  This is my first attempt with open computers so I may be missing something really obvious.  Thanks.



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local function findInvs(ic) -- # ic: inventory_controller proxy
  local invs = {}
  -- # Loop over all sides for an inventory name.
  for side = 0, 5 do
  	local name = ic.getInventoryName(side)
    -- # If an inventory name is present then store the name/type and the side:number
    if name then table.insert(invs, {name = name, side = side}) end
  return invs


local component = require 'component'
local sides = require 'sides'

local ic = component.inventory_controller
local inventories = findInvs(ic)

for i, inv in ipairs(inventories) do
  local side, size = sides[inv.side], ic.getInventorySize(inv.side)
  print("inventory at side: '" .. side .. "' has " .. tostring(size) .. " slots")


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Thank you very much.  Seems to be working.  I will have to tweak things a bit for what I am doing but this was exactly what I was looking for as a starting point.

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