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getting error after running someones program


a programmer named SuPeRMiNoR2 made a port of alongtimeago and i tried to install it on my computer, but im not sure what im doing so i could be doing something wrong or the code isnt working anymore

i saw his program listed on https://openprograms.github.io/

and the program on github https://github.com/OpenPrograms/SuPeRMiNoR2-Programs/tree/master/random/alongtimeago


this is my first time using opencomputers so i installed oppm and typed oppm install alongtimeago, it installed and i typed alongtimeago and after a few seconds it just said cannot resume dead coroutine

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2 answers to this question

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Paging @SuPeRMiNoR2

Looking at the last updated time of that file, it was last updated 3 years ago and many internal changes to OC/OpenOS have happened in that time, resulting in the error you got.

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