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Wattana Gaming

I have been coding a custom OS and this is what I have implemented so far

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This is the image of my kernel(Loaded  up using OpenLoader as init) booting successfully. The print function is the first thing I need to implement so I ripped the status() function and some other important parts from OpenLoader and rename status() to print(). The next thing I need to do is to load init or bash(same concept as Linux kernel) and handle if init or bash exits

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Is there anything unique you'd like to implement into your OS?

As far as it goes OpenOS is the way to go, unless your OS would feature something unique and different, or maybe you'd have a special pourpose for your OS? Maybe some kind of OS that allows multitasking different services and that can be ran on servers?

Please elaborate a bit more when you showcase a product that is in development :)

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