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Wattana Gaming

What to I need for a custom OS to run?


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The print function is typically a wrapper over 'io.stdout', i.e 'io.write'. I'd look into how OpenOS handles this. Although this can become rather complex pretty quickly. If you plan on having unix like io then you might want to design your 'pipes' first and lay a convenient print function over them as it is more useful as a higher level function. Think about how your programs will run in your OS and then how your io will tie into the program environment. I think it would be really helpful for you to disassemble this aspect of OpenOS to better understand how you may want to design this. Am I making any sense??

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@Molinkois correct that these things become complex quickly, but I think it is a LOT of fun :) 

things like term.write, print, and io.write call io.stdout:write. (by default) io.stdout is the tty stream, and io.stdout:write is




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