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Tried the hard drive tutorial and it went wrong some how



I tried doing that and followed the directions. The only difference once i labeled my drive dr1 and did mount dr1 /dr1

In the auto run i did "/dr1" 

That was the only difference but I get (see the attached image) 

I am at a loss on why it happened when i was following directions 




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2 answers to this question

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I suspect you tried to run your system on very low memory, and the package library crashed at some earlier point in your workflow, some evidence of this is that you are using `list`, and not `ls`

Reboot your system, use only `list` if you are running on ultra-low memory

Also, consider adding more memory please. Even 1 stick of tier 1.5 ram is far superior :)

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also, that tutorial is super old

it still works, it appears to have valid instructions

but i would recommend just installing openos and rebooting so that your normal filesystem (your root filesystem) is readwrite

follow this tutorial: https://ocdoc.cil.li/openos

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