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Serialization problems


So, I have been working on an API which allows me to assign additional addresses to computers. And No I have a moment of confusion:

function internal.dns.loadHosts()
  local HOST_FILE_LOC = os.getenv("HOST_FILE_LOC")
  print(HOST_FILE_LOC) --Prints /usr/misc/hosts.txt
  assert(HOST_FILE_LOC, "Missing environment variable: HOST_FILE_LOC pointing to a file used for storing dns mamppings ")
  if (filesystem.exists(HOST_FILE_LOC)) then
    local hostFile = io.open(HOST_FILE_LOC)
    print(serialization.unserialize(hostFile:read("*all"))) --prints a table
    local hosts
    hosts = serialization.unserialize(hostFile:read("*all"))
    print(hosts) -- prints nil
    return hosts --Return a table of hosts, if successful
    return nil --Return nil if hostfile doesnt exist

Why is it that these two seemingly same calls return different values. one is table other is nil?

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I haven't tested but I believe the file descriptor has a file position. After the call to :read("*all") you're at the end of the file and thus nil is returned.

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