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The Simon

Give component With NBT



I have some questions about how to get OpenComputers' items with NBT through commands. I would like to give players the OpenOS Floppy Disk when they run a command block, but when I'm trying to give the floppy any of the OC attributes I'm getting an error:

Data tag parsing failed: Expected '}' but got ':' at: {oc:data:<--[HERE]

This is the command I'm currently using:

/give @p opencomputers:storage 1 1 {oc:data:{oc:fs.label:"openos"}, display:{Name:"OpenOS (Operating System)"}}

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3 answers to this question

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Try this command:

/give @p opencomputers:storage 1 1 {"oc:data":{"oc:fs.label":"openos"},"oc:color":2,display:{Name:"OpenOS (Operating System)"},"oc:lootFactory":"opencomputers:openos"}


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