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Heavy Cat

Computronics Help


So i am trying to use the computronics casset tape, and i want to upload my file from my pc to my casset tape and play it. how can i do this? if i can't, how do i get audio on it at all?

Note: i have converted the file to DFPWM already

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2 answers to this question

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You have to get the file onto the in-game computer somehow, either by going to the minecraft save file and finding the computer's filesystem or using something like Gamax92's OCNetFS with one of its servers on your system (if you are in singleplayer). I also have a OCNetFS server using PhysFS, and I can compile a version of Lua for you to run it if you want.

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oooooohkay. umm, this seems to hard for me to do. at this point i dont care what audio i get on the casset, i just want audio on there at all. is there a way to record something in-game? i'm not sure if this is stupid question or something. regardless, i just want something on it. thank you anyways.

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