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The Cheshire

Big Reactors Power Graph



  I need a program that can monitor a Big Reactors Reactor, and have the power generated, output, and load graphed.


 I need this program to have at least 3 different graphs. The power output, load, and and power generated. (So basically what I just said previously.)

I want to be able to look and see the current reactor stats. 

Nothing crazy, just simple stats that I can take a quick glance at. (Bonus points for color, and a control panel, but not necessary.)


  I don't have a deadline, but I would appreciate it if this was done in a reasonable amount of time.

Additional Information:

The game version is 1.7.10. Pretty old, I know.

  I will look back at these forums regularly, to answer any questions, or if I didn't clarify enough.

Thanks in advance.

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