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[1.12.2] Project </BETA> 2 [Kaos-Network]

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"We're back after that short commercial break!"
One of Kaos Networks finest servers has been reborn, this time with more of everything!
SMP has never had more options allowing you to pick and choose how you want to get things started.
Explorers, Warriors, Magicians, Engineers, or some mix of them all, will find pure entertainment in the Project Beta 2 server.
- dannysmc95: Server host
- roger109z: Chief BugSquasher/ServerManager
- cyborgtwins: Creative Director
Current Staff:
- dannysmc95 [Owner]
- roger109z [Operator]
- hugeblank [Admin]
- cyborgtwins [Admin]
- EldidStroyrr [Admin]
- Wojbie [Admin]
- You? Find out more here

- Use Common Sense
- No Griefing Claimed Land
- You are not a super hacker, Don't Hack
- Respect All Players
- No Trolling/Flaming
- Just Don't Be Dumb
- Respect Admins (people with pink (Or green) names)
- Keep Advertising to a minimum
- Oh and Have Fun!
L Takers (Banned Players):
Clean Slate so Far!
Talk to us!
We happen to have a discord server dedicated to Project Beta 2 and all other servers that may be coming in the future!
We would really like it if you joined us there, as it is one of our best methods of reaching out to you.
Have fun!

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We have really focused on releasing more updates to this server. Hope you guys enjoy the new features!

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