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      Latest Stable OpenComputers Version   11/26/16

      The latest released version of OpenComputers is version 1.7.1 for MC 1.7.10, 1.10.2, 1.11.2 & 1.12.1. See more information here! Beta/Dev builds can be found at the Jenkins Build Server (ci.cil.li)

Robots cannot attack players, is this intended?

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Robots cannot attack players(eh, at least on the version I play on, it's slightly outdated), even when PvP is on(fakeplayers, that's why it's important), is this intended? It can still attack entities, but not players. They do successfully swing their sword upon them, but they deal no damage. Should I report to GitHub?

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No, you shouldn't. This is the default behaviour of OpenComputers. You can allow robots to attack players by setting canAttackPlayers to true in the OC configuration file.

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