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ShEdit - edit.lua, but with syntax highlighting

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I decided to make an editor with syntax highlighting, just for the fun of it.

The name stands for "syntax highlighting editor", it's very unoriginal, but I'm bad at names :P

To use it, run this command on OpenOS: pastebin get ZnwyunqL /bin/shedit.lua

The color scheme was (sorta, I redid it later) copied from this paste.


  • Syntax highlighting!
  • Indent on enter
  • Line numbers
  • Jump to line
  • Hex colors are highlighted with the color they refer to (example: image.png.22be056833d7a7c6610d723fbd5a2be6.png)

And probably more in the future if I need them..



Any recommendations or comments are appreciated!

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1 minute ago, TuxMan20 said:

Like it! reminds me of Atom default scheme :D 

I'll install it and give it a go for sure!

It's just the Monokai color scheme, originally from Sublime Text.

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14 minutes ago, Slamakans said:

I guess that there's competition now... Time to polish my editor, I'll be taking inspiration from your code ;)

Good luck :P

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47 minutes ago, Slamakans said:


u've got some tabs there :o

I prefer working with tabs. Tab character support is on my to-do list, actually, it'll be implemented soon. For now, I just use Atom, an unlisted pastebin, and

pastebin run

to develop ShEdit :P 

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