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thread question #2


i don't know if this is even possible but what i am trying to do is this


NOTE: that is know that useing a thread in this scene is 100% Unnecessary but remeber this is a simple test


thread = require "thread"

e = require "event"


running = true


t = thread.create(function()



-- i know that i can put a os.exit() here but the thing is to try to get this to work

running = false --<< that



while running do

  --some random thing to run a io.read() will be a good combo


  print( "you said: "..io.read() )




so this ends the thread as inspected but does not end the loop my guess is that all things in the thread function is local only but what can i then do to update the "running" value in the global process aka in the while loop???


all help will be great



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