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How to set modem's address



In the documentation modem.send() uses an address:string that identifies the receiver's destination. But modem's addresses are lonnng numbers. I've tried sending messages with just the first characters of the address, but that doesn't seem to work.
It's impractical to use the long default address created for the modem. Is there a way to set this address to something smaller and more practical? Or do I really have to work with the looong default address?

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3 answers to this question

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component.get(address: string[, componentType: string]): string | (nil, string)
Tries to resolve an abbreviated address to a full address. Returns the full address on success, or nil and an error message otherwise. Optionally filters by component type.


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If you use the network loot disk I believe you can call network.icmp.bind('something'). That address will only be recognized by other computers using the network program

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I didn't find a way to replace those addresses, but if u want to get an address easily, you have the sender(s) and the server which receive the message, but the sender need an address, so at the beginning of the infinite loop I put a 

_,_,address = event.pull("modem_message")

function sendMsg(data,data2,data3)

And in the server which receive, you put in the infinite loop :


Of course replace port by ur port ^^

It's not the best way because it send a broadcast message to everyone each loop but u can make something that when the address as been receive you can stop the broadcast

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