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OpenNet - Webpages inside Minecraft

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The OpenNet: Internet like simulation in Minecraft 


Not tested with wired network card

This is very WIP, but it still works well for what it does.

The OpenNet requires one computer to be running at all times as DNS. This allows for DNS lookup and not having to type things like "af4c71b5-c3be-4da1-b595-4d0afd40359d" to go to a page. It also requires a computer to be running all the time for each web server.

The client and web server need to know the DNS server's address, so if this is implemented on a server, it is best to have one central DNS server.


DNS Server
pastebin get 1pp05ryR opennet-dns.lua
OpenNet Web Server (configure dns network card address inside file)
pastebin get PRTmhN1a opennet-server.lua
OpenNet Web Browser (configure dns network card address inside file)
pastebin get jMNz5Bej OpenNet.lua


OpenNet DNS


OpenNet Server:


OpenNet Client:



ONML (OpenNet Markup Language) is a simple web page language (not many features yet) that allows you to change the background and foreground color of the site. The colors are cleared after displaying them.

To change the color of text, prefix the color with one of these colors (use three letter name): "RED", "ORA"(orange), "YEL"(yellow),"GRE"(green),"BLU"(blue),"PUR"(purple),"WHI"(white),"BLA"(black)

To change the color of the background, type "BACK <COLOR NAME>". <COLOR NAME> is one of the colors shown above (use three letter name)


Example ONML file:

WHI The OpenNet: Internet for OpenComputers
YEL The OpenNet is an open source wireless communication system made with Lua for OpenComputers.
WHI It includes a 8 color (red "RED", orange "ORA", yellow "YEL", green "GRE", blue "BLU", purple "PUR", white "WHI". black "BLA") foreground and background system, along with things similar to DNS

Demonstration of the shown ONML file:


Roadmap (in no order):

Real Internet ONML

ONML links/interaction

More pages than just the main page

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I did the same thing, but with a sophisticated browser that has it's own GUI, and higher security.
I'd love to cooperate with you, since you're into that kind of things!

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This has given me some ideas for a project I have been working on here lately. I wonder how well our code would run on the same network... chances are there'd be many... many... routing issues. Lol.

I'm very curious as to how this might turn out, it looks promising so far; I wish you the best of luck! I'll check back in on update!

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On 3/10/2017 at 1:43 PM, cindayra said:

Does this need to be run on a computer, or can you run it on servers?

And how do you set up webpages?


This can be run on servers, as long as they have a network card.

To set up webpages, add your code to a file in the same directory named index.onml, as this is the default page. Sorry for the late reply, I forgot about this post a little bit ;)

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