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ComputerCraft emulator

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So you can now run ComputerCraft programs on OC.

  • Install MPT (OPPM way)
    • Insert oppm floppy
    • install
    • oppm install mpt
  • Install MPT (wget way)
    • wget http://mpt.magik6k.net/api/file/mpt/usr/bin/mpt.lua /tmp/mpt.lua
    • /tmp/mpt -S mpt
    • rm /tmp/mpt.lua
  • mpt -S cc-installer
  • craftos install
  • craftos
  • You know what to do next


B.. B.. But how?


It's a full compatibility layer emulating CC apis and even some Lua 5.1 functionality(like setfenv).

It may contain bugs, some functions may not be accurate, some components may not be mapped to peripherals and so on, but it runs many programs just fine.


Most APIs are implemented, only lacking part is peripheral drivers(for now only modem, OpenGlasses <-> openperipheral glasses and computronics components are supported)





I'd like you to report any bugs here, also if you have some cool program you want to run or want peripheral driver you can request it here too. Have fun!


With help of asiekierka and others.

Because we can.

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any specific reason why you couldn't emulate peripheral api correctly? most of it is pretty similar except for the names, peripheral.wrap(side) would not work, but peripheral.find would.

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We do emulate it just fine, but we require 'drivers' for specific peripherals as many methods have different names, even form the same mods. If you want some peripheral you can ask for it here or write one yourself, examples:





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I'm having trouble installing this. Whenever I try running "craftos install", there's a script error with /usr/lib/cc/unzip.lua which causes the rom to not be installed.


Error in question
/usr/lib/cc/unzip.lua:62: attempt to index a nil value (global 'bit32'):
stack traceback:
/usr/lib/cc/unzip.lua:62: in main chunk
[C]: in function 'xpcall'
/lib/process.lua:78: in function
stack traceback:
[C]: in function 'error'
/lib/process.lua:92: in function


The system I'm running is a tier 2 running openos 1.6, if that helps.

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