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Found 3 results

  1. R0NAM1

    Duel Display Output

    So basically I have a server and I want it to output to a screen and remote terminal at the same time, like if your there you can go to the screen, but if your away from it you can still access it. (Note: I am using Minecraft 1.7.10 OpenOS 1.6.1)
  2. So this is more of a two-part question. Is there a way to draw a grid on screen of a certain number of squares (based on a number fed to it) while also scaling to the resolution of the screen? Eg. Draw a grid of say 7 squares, and fit them to the resolution of the screen. Is there a way to draw a sprite on the screen without manually having to feed each pixel in. Two approaches I was thinking of was either grabbing the texture from the block itself, or loading in a sprite to fit the size required. Eg. I want to draw the lava texture on the screen at a specific position and size. I realise this may not be possible, but it's worth an ask
  3. ManIkWeet

    Boot OpenOS without GPU/Screen?

    I wrote a program that basically needs to read/write a file and trigger one of 9 note blocks, this file is managed externally. Because of the 9 note blocks I am running out of component space. The perfect solution to this would be to boot my program without a screen (it doesn't need a screen to function). I tried booting OpenOS without a GPU/Screen, but it seems to freeze at some point and OpenOS will not run any programs I've configured to autorun. Preferably I'd like a minimal setup, which only loads what I need and runs without a GPU/Screen, I have the following requires in my program: require("serialization") require("component") require("filesystem") require("shell") require("event") Which I guess is basically the complete OpenOS suite... So simple question: how to boot without a GPU/Screen and run my program?

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