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Found 3 results

  1. The Simon

    Power Saving

    Hi! Been working on a Control Station for my Robot. It has most of the essential features done; movements, scanning, interactions, etc. But I have reached a stage when it's mostly optimizations which are left to do, one of them is power usage. The Robot has a battery tier 3 upgrade installed, but as it is now it can still only run for about 20 minutes before it runs out of power and shuts down. This is not ideal due to not be able to remotely turning on a computer directly and needs either a Player or other Robot interaction to turn it back on again. Components are a good culprit in this, and can easily be turned off until needed. Signals can be compressed, interactions can be guessed. But as far as software and such I am at a loss. Any suggestion I could use to extend the battery life of my Robot would be great. Things I have learned about power usage is that os.sleep() reduce power usage during the specified time. Each new character on a screen increases power usage, so it should be turned off when not in use. Signals to the Robot doesn't seem to use power (Linking Card), but signals from the Robot does use power as expected. Coroutines also increase power as expected but reduce the number of available resources inside the computer until the function has finished.
  2. Hey guys! New here! I am on minecraft 1.10.2 and I made a robot that can harvest Agricraft crops for me. All is working well. I go above the crops and call useDown() function. Now I am trying to harvest cinnamon from cinnamon logs and pepper from pepper tree fruits from Pam's Harvestcraft and the useDown/useUp functions do nothing. Any ideas as to how I can make the robot do those for me? Cheers!
  3. Molinko

    Navigation Virtual waypoint

    I suggest that the Navigation component should be able to set and delete a virtual waypoint around itself. This would be useful for robot/drone to robot/drone navigation thus further extending the reusability of drone programs and setup of robot programs alike. Also, perhaps some logical limitations to this could be that while the virtual waypoint is deployed drone or robot movement is stopped. However, I don't think this is necessary. Examples of le code.. nav = component.navigation nav.setWaypoint('waypoint 1', 12, -1) -- # waypoint label, redstone level, vertical offset of virtual waypoint from caller( -1 is below the robot/drone. nil or 0 for actual position, 1 is above) nav.deleteWaypoint() -- # This makes me imagine usecases such as refueling requests nav.setWaypoint('[refuel:charcoal 10]', 0, 1) -- # bring me 10 charcoal so I can refuel & resume... -- # some code to check for my darn charcoal delivery... You could do other cool things too like set a waypoint to yourself from you tablet. This could be a nice simple and beginner-friendly way to do navigation that isn't a far stretch in my opinion from normal waypoints. I don't think this feels cheaty, and I think it would make a handy addition to the limited ability of the navigation component thus making it more appealing to use. Thanks for reading, - Molinko a.k.a Fast Eddie

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