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Found 2 results

  1. Mystery

    Drone usage?

    Hello. I have recently decided to create an exploration drone which will scan the world using geolyzer and transfer data to the server via linked card (400 blocks range is not enough far for me). However, I have faced a major problem - linked card requires tier 3 slot. I was surprised even more when I have figured out that internet card, which is more powerful for my opinion, requires tier 2 slot. And now I am really confused: Is there at least any job in which drones are better than robots? Sorry for my English.
  2. This is the project I was working on 2 months ago or so. I couldn't find a real shell client for OC, so I had to create one by myself. That's how NGSH was born. Contributions and pull requests are welcome There are two versions: The first one uses the Python pyte library for terminal emulation, but it is very slow (it redraws everything) and has no colour support. The second one (I called it PTY) takes advantage of OpenOS's VT100 library, which is fast and has colour, but very broken and inaccurate due to missing checks and/or escape sequences. I may get back to serverside emulation at some point, because OC isn't fast enough for VT100 emulation. For instructions see my GitLab repository (make sure to download the PTY version) Before you run the client, make sure to install my improved terminal libraries for proper emulation of \r, \b, and inverse video, like so: pastebin run rs0QiTHp Screenshots:
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