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Found 5 results

  1. Hello. I’m entirely new to Opencomputers and Lua scripts. I’m not familiar with the language nor can I code. I would like ask how to create a automatic door to open with a passcode. I have all the components just don’t know how to make it all work! Thanks in advance ;)
  2. Im new to this mod and to lua. Im trying to start with a simple program that can read redstone signals and detect their levels. I have basic lua knowledge, knowing commands like [do], [if], [if else], [read] and [while]. A bit of boolean [True, false] and create variables. I made a small computer with the redstone card (and the essentials like EEPROM, GPU, CPU and RAM). Its connected with red wires from red power that are connceted to a lever. I have the compat module from redpower installed. My main question is what I need to write in the .lua file to be able to use the redstone card and what commands I need to the program detect the signal and use it for a boolean variable or something else? Thank you Mr. Stairs
  3. I am trying to program an info board with options for players to choose. Each button opens up text to give info to the player. local event = require("event") local comp = require("component") local term = require("term") local colors = require("colors") local computer = require("computer") local gpu = component.gpu term.clear() term.setCursor (1,1) gpu.setBackground(colors.green) gpu.setForeground(colors.black) gpu.setResolution(width: 2 , height: 2, true) print(" Welcome to Technopolis " ) term.setCursor(1,3) gpu.setBackground(colors.brown) gpu.setForeground(colors.blue) print(" Info Rules Staff ") I use to program on computercraft back in 2013, but forgot a lot of stuff. I only got a small portion of the program but I don't know where to go from here. I couldn't find any helpful tutorials and some of them are out of date.
  4. I need help with nanomachine "probing". I'm trying to create a very basic program that cycles trough nanomachine slots. I intialize a variable in the beginning then create a for loop and increment the variable with 1 each time it's finishes. However it does not work. I can for example initialize the same variable in the first line, gave it a number and then it will check if that nanomachine slot do anything but as soon as I add the commented out code parts the program does nothing besided priting x. x = 17 local component = require("component") local m = require("component").modem local event = require("event") local term = require("term") --for i=1,10 do component.modem.broadcast(1, "nanomachines", "setInput", x, true) os.sleep(2) component.modem.broadcast(1, "nanomachines", "setInput", x, false) print(x) --x = x+1 --end
  5. Description: Hello, I would need a program that always me to control fluxgates from Draconic Evaluation so Me and a Team can build a town based energy system. The system should include a way to edit the output of a flux gate and to see how many fluxgates is setup( there will be probably around 30 fluxgates) it would be good if you can select a fluxgate and then edit how much energy is transferred. Function: Monitor the fluxgates and how much they output can edit the fluxgates set each fluxgate different Deadline: There is no deadline but it would be good if it would not take to long Additional Information: there is no limit from the use of resources it only should be makable in survival. Simply ask me if you have other questions can the program be sent over a text document so i could upload it on Pastebin or if the program could upload it on Pastebin would be ok additional information Optional if you can add a system that allows to pay for the energy that would be good it would need to have a currency for example coins and per 1 diamond you would get 5 coins it would need a system that can pay the energy per week real time it would need a system that changes diamonds to coins but this is only if the program like to make it I hope some can help me with this. Letsgameyourlp
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