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Found 3 results

  1. Zorya BIOS Zorya BIOS is an extendable and configurable BIOS and bootloader, capable of booting any OS with the right extensions. It's similar to GRUB. (sorry in advance for bios.lua) All you need to install the BIOS is to flash bios.lua to a blank EEPROM, insert a blank floppy, then reboot. Note: This has only been tested on Tier 3 hardware and Lua 5.3. requires an Internet card. Github repo PRs are welcome! Future plans: Ability to load from non-managed disks (like disks formatted with msdosfs, etc) Make it easier to extend Clean up code! Ability to edit options from bootloader Automatically load an OS after n seconds
  2. Ok!!! So I have been working my butt off to get this to work. It is a wirelessly controlled microcontroller! And if you have a look at the code you might notice that it DOES NOT HAVE SPACING! I RAN OUT OF EEPROM SPACE OK!!! DO NOT COMMENT ABOUT THAT!!! Ok... This took a long time to work all this out but I think its great! FEATURES: Network Cards (not sure about computronics spoofing card though) Wireless Network Cards (both tiers) Linked Cards (my personal favorite) Names Passwords Ports SUPER EASY!!! USES: Remote Door Control Remote Redstone Control Remote ANYTHING WITH A MICROCONTROLLER Control TUTORIAL: Step One - Set up a pc that can edit EEPROMs (I use the flash command) Step Two - Download the Pastebin file using this command: pastebin get BrhTgvET RCMICROBIOS Step There - Upload it to the EEPROM. I use this command: flash RCMICROBIOS Step Four - Make a Microcontroller: Must include these things 1. A Modem of any kind 2. A sign upgrade 3. The EEPROM that you just made Step Five - Place down the Microcontroller where you want then fill out a sign on ITS FACE like this: LINE1 = name of microcontroller LINE2 = password LINE3 = port (nothing if using a linked card) EXAMPLES SENDS: A. component.modem.broadcast(217,"DOOR A", "password123", "component.proxy(component.list(\"redstone\")()).setOutput(2,1)") --Yes you most call components this way on a EEPROM B. component.tunnel.send("DOOR A", "password123", "local R = component.proxy(component.list(\"redstone\")())") --But you can just save them as variables C. component.modem.broadcast(217,"DOOR A","password123","return R.getInput(2)") --it can even return data to you in a SERIALIZED packet! YAY! LINKS: https://pastebin.com/BrhTgvET And that's about it. If you have any suggestions just say so! I'll try to make this as great as possible!
  3. Drone Tree Farmer - Introduction - This is an automatic tree farmer script for drones harvesting spruce wood in king size (2x2). Just place a chest next to the drone and 8 or more saplings in the first slot and it should be be able to go on forever. No coal is needed, no charge pads, the solar panel upgrade will power the drone. This is not the fastest way to get wood, but it's pretty cheap, easy setup and doesn't need maintenance. Built for: OpenComputers-MC1.10.2-, Lua 5.2. Also works on OpenComputers-MC1.7.10-, Lua 5.2, other than the beep sound is weird. Should work for newer versions too! - Requirements - * A working computer of any tier, to flash EEPROMs. * A drone (tier 1) with: cpu, ram, solar and inventory upgrade. * 8 or more Spruce saplings. Jungle trees are partly supported, it could work but branches will be left alone. * A chest or similar is recommended. * An empty EEPROM. - Usage - Part A - Flashing 1. Start up a computer with an internet card in it. 2. Replace the Lua EEPROM with an empty one. 3. Right click the computer screen and type (or paste): pastebin get kSjuz992 bios && flash bios 4. Follow the instructions and when done - take out your newly flashed EEPROM. Part B - Making the drone 1. Grab a Drone Case Tier 1 and place it in the Assembler. 2. Add T1 cpu, ram, solar upgrade and inventory upgrade. 3. Add the flashed EEPROM. (You can also change roms later if you want) 4. Assemble away! Part C - Actual work. 1. Find a flat area of dirt or grass. Remove any tall grass. 2. Place the drone so it got at least 10 blocks to the WEST of it. (Press F3 to find out where west is.) 3. Place a chest next to the drone, NORTHERN side (again F3 to find out). 4. Place 8 or more spruce saplings in the top left slot. 5. Start the drone. It should say ROM OK and get to work. 6. Grab a cup of Joe to celebrate. Source code: https://pastebin.com/kSjuz992 Disclaimer: This is my first lua script that I ever release so my code is far from good. Also, I am not a programmer, just started with this. This also got a lot of debug code in it, lack of loops, extra sleeps and what not. Thanks to irc chat for the sleep function!
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