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      The latest released version of OpenComputers is version 1.7.2 for MC 1.7.10, 1.10.2, 1.11.2 & 1.12.2. See more information here! Beta/Dev builds can be found at the Jenkins Build Server (ci.cil.li)


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  1. How/Where do event.listen callbacks get called back?

    In event.lua, computer.pullSignal is replaced with a wrapper that calls dispatch before returning the signal that happened. dispatch then goes through the handlers table and calls all listeners for the event that happened.
  2. In game editor problem

    This is certainly *not* the intended behavior of the editor. Do you have Optifine installed? Optifine likes to cause issues like the text randomly changing color depending on previous output, maybe it's causing the flashing too.
  3. Hologram projectors crash minecraft client

    Probably not. To be honest, the hs_err log files are basically useless unless you are the developer of the native library that's crashing (the graphics driver in this case) so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Any useful information will be in the Minecraft log files and crash reports.
  4. io.read string to table

    I think that "trailing aeparator" thing refers to separators *in* the table braces (like {1, 2, 3,}). The issue here is (or at least might be) that there is a comma *after* the closing brace
  5. io.read string to table

    Maybe you need to remove the trailing comma from the lines - every line except the last one has a comma at the end, and a trailing comma isn't valid table/serialization syntax, that would explain why only the last line loads.
  6. GPU Screen binding!

    OpenOS doesn't have proper support for multiple monitors built in. Last time I tried there were even some issues where a different screen might be used during early boot than when the OS is running, though that is kind of random and might also have been fixed. Having two monitors isn't as useful as in real life either - OpenOS is just a command line, there's no real use for the second monitor since you can't put anything on it. And you can only open one monitor's GUI at a time, so switching between them is kind of a pain unless you use them in touch-only mode without their GUI. If you want to work on two things in parallel, it's probably easier to set up a second separate computer instead of hooking two monitors up to one computer.
  7. Really really weird Unicode support

    Java's Unicode support is a little weird, its char and String types use UTF-16 code units, which means that any characters above U+FFFF are likely to be messed up. Although on the Lua side OC uses UTF-8 to store Unicode, the text still goes through Java/Scala a lot, so you may still have some issues with Unicode characters higher than U+FFFF.
  8. Some keyboard keys are "0"

    I think this is because of the library that Minecraft uses to read keyboard input, which doesn't work properly with certain keys on non-US keyboards. On my German keyboard for example, the < key (which I think is where your \ key is) registers as "NONE" in the Minecraft controls options. The same goes for the key codes from the key event. IIRC the key event also includes the typed character in one of the other event data values, which should match the actual keyboard layout, maybe you can check against that.
  9. That is not valid Lua code (you have one end too much). Can you post the full code that's causing the problem? Also by the way \n\r is not a valid line terminator. On Unix-like systems (including OC) you'd just use \n, and the Windows default is \r\n. Arrays in Lua are indexed starting at 1. Lua doesn't have a dedicated array type, it only has table, which is a mapping/dict/object/whatever, so accessing element 0 doesn't produce an error. In the OpenOS shell you can use normal Unix pipes, like mycommand > output.txt.
  10. Help Getting Robot Program To Work

    To load a library like robot, you need to write local robot = require("robot"). It's not enough to write just require("robot"), that loads the library but doesn't store it in a variable, so it effectively does nothing.
  11. rw(read&write) to ro(read only)?

    No, there's no way to make a hard drive or floppy disk read-only. The only thing you could do is write a custom operating system that doesn't allow writing.
  12. rw(read&write) to ro(read only)?

    Wipe the HD on which you installed the OS (by putting it into a crafting grid) and use the OpenOS floppy to boot. Hard disks are always writable, and floppies added by the mod (such as the OpenOS floppy) are read-only.
  13. Cannot place down cable on server

    Do other blocks from the mod work? (i. e. is Forge/OpenComputers installed properly?)
  14. Text writing program

    edit <filename> in the OpenOS shell. Other than that, it's just a basic plain text editor.
  15. Help with Menu API

    If you want to register a function to be called whenever an event of a given type happens, you can use the event API (specifically event.listen).