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  1. ManIkWeet

    ShEdit - edit.lua, but with syntax highlighting

    This is pretty amazing! Surely all the colors mean the GPU has a tough life, but this is 200% better than the default editor I actually like it showing tabs as special characters, allows me to manually get rid of them
  2. ManIkWeet

    Boot OpenOS without GPU/Screen?

    Seems to work, but documentation is terrible... Spent 30 minutes figuring out what to place in rc.cfg Thank you
  3. ManIkWeet

    Boot OpenOS without GPU/Screen?

    I wrote a program that basically needs to read/write a file and trigger one of 9 note blocks, this file is managed externally. Because of the 9 note blocks I am running out of component space. The perfect solution to this would be to boot my program without a screen (it doesn't need a screen to function). I tried booting OpenOS without a GPU/Screen, but it seems to freeze at some point and OpenOS will not run any programs I've configured to autorun. Preferably I'd like a minimal setup, which only loads what I need and runs without a GPU/Screen, I have the following requires in my program: require("serialization") require("component") require("filesystem") require("shell") require("event") Which I guess is basically the complete OpenOS suite... So simple question: how to boot without a GPU/Screen and run my program?

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