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  1. Does your scanning code for the skins load the whole hologram as a 3d object?

  2. i just thought, could be my lack of documentation in the post... the download is saved to a directory names "skins" by default - you can change this in the bottom of the code... or create that folder sorry about that.
  3. hmm... i only had that when i got the capitalisation of the IGN wrong or the servers were being lame... I just tried it and it worked fine... do you have an internet card in the case? as - rather obviously, i guess - it needs to download the skin if you have, then i'd just try again - i had the odd time when it just didn't but it was connection issues rather than the code itself - although I could make it error check and try again a few times, it didn't seem worth it at this stage as my plan is to expand it into a library for further things.
  4. righty... here we are then https://www.dropbox.com/s/ye2lihjabxc6ic6/holoskin.lua?dl=0 usage is: holoskin [iGN] note: by default it saves into a folder "skins" - create that or change the option at the end of the code before the main call. for other options see the bottom of the code. examples me: tehsomeluigi: sangar:
  5. yup... tis working ok... i've wrapped my head around it now... literally... i just have to wrap my arms, body, legs and moustache around it....
  6. ... one thing i think i'm noticing, the "zeroth" value in both axes seems to be missing when doing the "getPixel(x,y) ... i.e. from my image above, it's missing the far left and top row of pixels... [ and i'm just going from 0,63 x 0,31 y and transferring that to the hologram ] if i pull any pixel from x == 0 or y == 0 then i always get 0,0,0,0 back... the base is correct, as if i pull from row/column 1, then i DO get the correct value for column 1 [ = the 2nd row or column from base zero ] compare to my actual skin: http://s3.amazonaws.com/MinecraftSkins/ingie_.png i've checked and double checked, and i can't see it as a bug in my code - as i can just loop over row 0 or column 0 and always get nothing... or maybe it'd be better if i didn't try and plot voxel row/column(0,1,0) damn option base 0, horrible thing. or 1, either
  7. righty... i've got it happily pulling down my skin and drawing it in the hologram... i just need to define a matrix of x,y -> x,y,z points to UV wrap it now... i decided, since the colour depth is much lower, to use an algorithm of col = (r or 0) * 256 ^ 2 + (g or 0) * 256 + (b or 0) paletteindex = col == 0 and 0 or col < 0x555555 and 1 or col < 0xAAAAAA and 2 or 3 to get the index for the hologam voxel colour... seems to work ok, naturally weirdly different colours, but the contrast is right between the shades that should be there... i'll report further tomorrow i hope... edit: oh, screenshot or it didn't happen, i guess: [ that's my moustache over there on the right, that's what my IRL one is like, but more green, i think ]
  8. i must try this out... i was wanting to do exactly this for automatically sensing a player with a motion sensor/ct radar and displaying a hologram projection of the player's skin by wrapping the png data around a hologram model... i'll report back on how that works out for me

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