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  1. Molinko

    Any Linux users around?

    I've fiddled with Ubuntu mate a tad. Mostly I mess around with Debian Raspbian a bit on the pi.
  2. Molinko

    How to implement filesystem related functions in my custom OS?

    This is actually requires a really complex answer I'm not qualified to give.. I would recommend staring and tearing at the OpenOS filesystem API until you have some ideas. Be warned that it gets pretty difficult to grep at some points especially concerning virtual files and directories. lib filesystem also see core full_filesystem
  3. Molinko

    Help with wireless redstone

    I apologize @LORD MJ as I'm on the road atm and internet is spotty place to place. Thanks to @payonel for the input, you're a wonderful pal for strolling the forums with your insight. P.s the update looks awesome
  4. Molinko


    This new update look GLORIOUS <3 you wonderful people
  5. Molinko

    Help with wireless redstone

    Computer #1 lua> component.redstone.setWirelessFrequency(1) lua> event.pull('redstone') lua> component.redstone.getWirelessInput() > 0 --# wait to run this command 'til after commands on computer 2 are run Computer #2 lua> component.redstone.setWirelessFrequency(1) lua> component.redstone.setWirelessOutput(true) These commands are meant to be run in the live Lua interpreter. Start with computer 1, wait to input line #3 until after commands on computer #2 are run. Once line 3 is executed you should see a `true` if the input is greater than zero from computer 2. I cant test this so.... Goodluck
  6. Molinko

    Help with wireless redstone

    If you setup two identical computers and make a simple script for each, one tx and one rx, to see if you can even transmit or receive even a single bit would be helpful I imagine. If possible then please post back so I can move forward on the assumption that it at least is feasible.
  7. Molinko

    Help with wireless redstone

    The issue you may* be having is that you have multiple redstone components and thus simply grabbing the default proxy (rs = component.redstone) you may be getting variable results or simply not the intended one. To see all the components of a certain type you can run the `components <component_type>` command. i.e `components redstone`. See below for getting specific proxies for specific components. local component = require 'component' local rsProxy = component.proxy 'XXXX-XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXX' --# the Xs' are the full component address as a string
  8. Molinko

    What to I need for a custom OS to run?

    The print function is typically a wrapper over 'io.stdout', i.e 'io.write'. I'd look into how OpenOS handles this. Although this can become rather complex pretty quickly. If you plan on having unix like io then you might want to design your 'pipes' first and lay a convenient print function over them as it is more useful as a higher level function. Think about how your programs will run in your OS and then how your io will tie into the program environment. I think it would be really helpful for you to disassemble this aspect of OpenOS to better understand how you may want to design this. Am I making any sense??
  9. Molinko

    How to implement IPv4 using modem.

    I'm with Izaya on this. If you want to make IPv4 then the Network look disk is a good place to start. Last I checked it still runs great. Its got ARP, TCP, and UDP but a higher IP addressing layer is not included with the stack. To get an idea of how to incorporate IPv4 take a look a @Magik6k Plan9k OS on github. If you like stuff that just works check out Minitel, it's very handy
  10. Molinko

    control door piston

    The issue is within the checkPassword function definition. Change the '&' symbol to the 'and' keyword. This should resolve the current error.
  11. I haven't had the pleasure to try this out because I'm on a long road trip, however I love that some wonderful person has made this. I think this could be a great alternative for those who don't like Lua (I<3lua).
  12. Molinko

    Change Text Size

    @Crayven I believe you have OC and CC confused for being related. Setting the size of text was never available in OC like it was in CC
  13. Molinko

    Efficient way of drawing syntax highlighting

    I think Piorjade makes a good point about double buffering, the only things I would add are to abuse GPU.copy, and to batch color setting calls as much as possible.
  14. Molinko

    Component to Use

    You can try this solution I posted for someone else. Should start you in the right direction. https://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/1665-terminal-server-and-screen/#comment-7644
  15. Molinko

    How do I use a variable as a pastebin code?

    You should use local variables to avoid future headache. local component = require("component") local modem = component.modem local event = require("event") print("Connent to which IP?") local port = tonumber(io.read("*n")) -- # convert the string representation of a number to an actual number value modem.open(port) -- # modem.open opens ports not IPs modem.broadcast(port, "packets") local message = select(5, event.pull("modem_message")) -- # get all event data after the 5th element/return value os.execute("pastebin run " .. message)

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