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  1. Molinko

    Change Text Size

    @Crayven I believe you have OC and CC confused for being related. Setting the size of text was never available in OC like it was in CC
  2. Molinko

    Efficient way of drawing syntax highlighting

    I think Piorjade makes a good point about double buffering, the only things I would add are to abuse GPU.copy, and to batch color setting calls as much as possible.
  3. Molinko

    Component to Use

    You can try this solution I posted for someone else. Should start you in the right direction. https://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/1665-terminal-server-and-screen/#comment-7644
  4. Molinko

    How do I use a variable as a pastebin code?

    You should use local variables to avoid future headache. local component = require("component") local modem = component.modem local event = require("event") print("Connent to which IP?") local port = tonumber(io.read("*n")) -- # convert the string representation of a number to an actual number value modem.open(port) -- # modem.open opens ports not IPs modem.broadcast(port, "packets") local message = select(5, event.pull("modem_message")) -- # get all event data after the 5th element/return value os.execute("pastebin run " .. message)
  5. Molinko

    How do I use a variable as a pastebin code?

    `os.execute` uses a string to run a program much like the shell does. local paste_code = "ae64fgy" local paste_opt = "f" local command = table.concat({"pastebin get", paste_opt, paste_code}, " ") os.execute(command)
  6. Molinko

    Survival Friend Linked Card Nexus

    How about a server wired to relays that hold linked cards? No need for a microcontroller for each dimension then..?
  7. Molinko

    Lua force garbage collection?

    Lua itself has the collectgarbage function but I have no idea if it's callable in one way or another in opencomputers. Sorry that's about all I got atm..
  8. Molinko

    make opencomputers processors faster

    Best part of the whole thread.
  9. Molinko

    make opencomputers processors faster

    I'd give you another if I could.
  10. Molinko

    make opencomputers processors faster

    I'm not a moderator on these forums. I'm not Bomb block from CC I'm Molinko. I don't go around acting like a king. I attempt to answer questions from people seeking assistance, praise where I'm impressed, or criticism where I think it's due. You've made a post in a support forum basically complaining about the potential of OC. fin.
  11. Molinko

    make opencomputers processors faster

    Noah, sometimes, you're just wrong/"don't get it", and that's okay. Fingercomp has tried to demonstrate that although OC has some limitations, they're there for arguably good reasons. Many of your issues in your initial post can be addressed with a config change. As for the buffer library, fingercomp was mentioning that's it's a Singleton. What he's trying to say basically is that the buffer data, or state, will be preserved from one program to the other. If you didn't know this you might think it was a bug... Basically what I'm trying to say is that you could use the forums more appropriately by asking better and more concise questions rather than a string of appearent complaints while also ignorant of the full capabilities of the mod. P.s Its not my intention to sound like a butthole..
  12. Molinko

    make opencomputers processors faster

    @Izaya that magic bees info is actually interesting, thx.
  13. Molinko

    Problem with threads

    Lua is single threaded. Meaning that only one chunck of code can ever run at a time. Coroutines are considered co-operative in that they yield to allow others to compute before they themselves finish. The idea is that we can do a little work we need right now and do it quickly, then yield so others can do the same, hence co-operative. Threads are fancy coroutines, but they are still limited to cooperation, so they must yield if you wish to begin another. Use term.read or io.read or os.sleep.... etc.
  14. Molinko

    Inventory Access Side

    I believe this is actually by design so that OC(particularly robots) isn't considered too 'OP'
  15. Molinko

    Serialization problems

    I haven't tested but I believe the file descriptor has a file position. After the call to :read("*all") you're at the end of the file and thus nil is returned.

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