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  1. Molinko

    Waiting for an undetermined time in a callback

    The forums are more for coding in game in Lua. At least that the most responsive part of the community in the forum. Many of the maintainers of opencomputers and companion mods hang out in the discord and irc chat regularly. Be patient with them.
  2. Molinko

    Waiting for an undetermined time in a callback

    I personally have no idea but I think you can get the help you need in the #oc Discord channel.
  3. This is lovely! I've been waiting for you to release this standalone.. Even wrote my own port of it a while ago. Cool!
  4. Molinko

    Database for a computer

    I think the adapter is the only option unless it is used as a component in a robot.
  5. Molinko

    Database for a computer

    I'm not certain of this... But I think the database component can be placed in the adapter block.
  6. Molinko

    attemp to index a nil value (local 'i')

    I believe your error is coming from updateCubeStats(). cube.stats.stored = cube.getEnergyStored() You're missing parentheses.
  7. Molinko

    Help with Pam's Harvestcraft harvesting

    That's it. Perhaps Pam doesn't want all the crops automated with robots
  8. Molinko

    component works conditionally

    You're very welcome.
  9. Molinko

    Help with Pam's Harvestcraft harvesting

    Did you try robot.use() or any of the others with the sneaky click option?
  10. Molinko

    How can i terminate this program?

    Your program has an infinite loop. You'll need to yield either with sleep or by pulling an event. Here is a simple solution. repeat energy = toMRf(cube.getEnergyStored()) energyMax = toMRf(cube.getMaxEnergyStored()) energyJ = toJ(cube.getEnergyStored()) energyMaxJ = toJ(cube.getMaxEnergyStored()) label(1, 1, "%.2f MRf / %.2f MJ (Energia Acumulada)", colors.red, energy, energyJ ) label(1, 3, "%.2f MRf / %.2f MJ (Capacidade da bateria)", colors.lime, energyMax, energyMaxJ) until event.pull(1) == "interrupted" -- # change 1 to something smaller to refresh faster
  11. Molinko

    Help with Pam's Harvestcraft harvesting

    Perhaps the robot needs to simulate a right click?
  12. Molinko

    How to check the filesystem is Hard Disk Drive?

    I believe the eeprom has 2 filesystems. One is for the script on the eeprom one is for a boot filesystem address.
  13. Molinko

    component works conditionally

    You probably needed to use require. local com = require("component") local bridge = com.openperipheral_bridge
  14. It should work with ctif-oc /filepath.ctif where /filepath is the full path to the image file
  15. Molinko

    Undocumented "window" parameter in the term API wiki

    I think this is why I think a 'grouping' algorithm(if thats what it's called..) would be useful. Yes, you have to iterate every 'pixel' for its data, but you dont have to draw every pixel one by one independently. If you've heard of MineOS, it has a pretty beefy double buffering library. If you inspect the draw method you can get an idea of how it does grouping for gpu draw calls from its internal buffer. Just a suggestion in case i haven't been clear..

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