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Everything posted by libfrozen

  1. And after some simple check,I found that the oc mod may not compatible with Liteloader in MC 1.12.2. When I removed the Liteloader and then restart the game,everything backs to normal.
  2. mod_voxelMap_1.7.1_for_1.12.2 ChickenASM-1.12- NotEnoughItems-1.12.2- ChickenChunks-1.12.2- OpenComputers-MC1.12.2- CodeChickenLib-1.12.2- OpenEye-1.12.2-0.8 EnderStorage-1.12.2- SmoothFont-mc1.12.2-1.16.2 ForgeMultipart-1.12.2- Translocators-1.12.2- Hwyla-1.8.26-B41_1.12.2 i18nupdatemod-1.12.2-1.0.8 Wawla-1.12.2-2.5.270 jei_1.12.2- WR-CBE-1.12.2- millenaire-7.1.1 Xaeros_Minimap_1.16_Forge_1.12
  3. When I entered a world,the oc mod tolds me that "There were errors running the class transformer.Please report this...latest.log." the latest.log is in the attachment. latest - 副本.txt
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