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  1. Arketec

    Endergenic Generator Control Program

    gotcha, thanks. Would it be possible to use coroutines to handle separate single-tick loops?
  2. Arketec

    Endergenic Generator Control Program

    I’m having trouble trying to create a program that can control an RFTools endergenic generator. For those unfamiliar, this thing requires tick-perfect timing to work right. No matter what I try though, I cannot get a timer setup to run every game tick. As a timing test, I did the following: local last = os.time() event.timer(0.05, function() local current = os.time() print(current - last) last = current end, 1000) -- output --> 3.0 --> 3.0 --> 4.0 --> 3.0 0.05 should be a 1-tick timer, but the game ticks 3-4 times between each loop. Even if I try to reduce the interval to something lower, the game still ticks 3-4 times each loop. Is there a way to get a consistent 1 - tick loop?

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