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  1. Welcome to TechHaven! TechHaven is a modded server with loads of functions and features! This is our modpack: Advanced Rocketry Age of weapons Applied Energistics Buildcraft ChickenChunks ComputerCraft Cyberware Extreme Reactors Flans mod portGenetics Reborn Good Ol’ Currency mod Grappling hook mod Immersive Engineering Industrial Wires IndustrialCraft 2 Mekanism (Generators and tools included) Modern Warfare OpenComputers Thermal Expansion (and dynamics) As you can see it’s plenty to fulfill your heart’s desire! Note that this is NOT a copy of sonar X, instead this modpack is meant to fill all possibilities of tech and economy.This is the link to download the mod pack: www.dropbox.com/s/rjxju7pum4kcwbo/mods.zip?dl=0 Latest modpack There are already loads of free items available at spawn to get you started making your own factories, machines and much more! Of course you don’t want your things to be griefed by other players, that’s why we use a claim plugin! TechHaven runs on sponge and Nucleus 1.11.2. Q&A and troubleshooting Q: Help! It doesn't open the zip file. A: You will need a program to open .zip files, like “winrar” n Windows or “the unarchiver” for Mac. Q: Do I need the modpack to get on the server? A: Yes it won't work without. Q: How do I install the modpack? A: First install forge 1.11.2, then drop the mod folder ((Ad link removed)) in the Minecraft folder on your computer, which is found at “%appdata%” on Windows and at “~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/“ on Mac. After that boot up Minecraft forge and you’re done! Q: Can I join with other Minecraft versions then 1.11.2? A: No, you have to use 1.11.2Join our discord server here https://discord.gg/N4SSKzAPlease use ip address!If you have any questions reply to the topic. this is advirst for my favorite server and its dying
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