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  1. Wima

    How to adjust font size according to resolution

    Try with these: component.gpu.setResolution(width: number, height: number) A, B = component.screen.getAspectRatio() print(A) print(B)
  2. Wima

    automatically turn on a computer

    No it doesn't! i tried that with a button on all sides!
  3. Wima

    automatically turn on a computer

    the Computer should start by itself, und not remotly controlled, because i will have the same problem with a second computer, wenn all shut down!
  4. Wima

    Multi-block screens

    yes. you can use higher tier for higher Resolution. and use 3x2 multiblock screens for best scaling!
  5. Hallo every one, i have written a program to automate producing of mystical flowers, that works very well. the program is saved as autorun.lua to start automatically. My problem is that sometimes the computers run out of Energy (maybe because of unloading chunk of Energy core) and the computer shut down. is there a way to turn on the computer automatically again? I tried with a redstone signal. no success and i found this api, but i don't know how to use it, and if it works! must this be in a while loop?

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