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  1. Output of Energy storage

    Thanks for an idea. Maybe in the future, I'll use it. But I've figured out the probably simpliest solution. Basically, at each plot, there'll be a small storage of energy, which I'll have to check each week and via OC measure consumed energy. After measure, I'll charge storage, which owner of the plot will be using for another week... It's not a central controlled system, but that could be easily done. The most impotrtant thing is, that this is simple. And as once one smart man said; "There is beauty in simplicity." Anyway, thanks for the help. Really appreciate it.
  2. Output of Energy storage

    Exactly, I have main energy storage (from Draconic Evolution) and then there are cable distribution under the road. So, what is your more practical solution?
  3. Output of Energy storage

    Hey there! Yes, your interpretation is correct. In fact, I've got similar idea. But this solution is not very suitable because it's too much complicated. I want to monitor this energy consumption on our server at each user in the town. It'll be not very practical, if I had to build and configure this system 50 or more times. Yes, if it'll be a best solution and there will be not a straight way of reading I/O, I'll have to do it. I was just surprised that reading I/O is possible for reactors, generators, dynamos etc., but not for energy storages. Thanks for help, Steve505
  4. Output of Energy storage

    Hi there! I was writing a program which monitors total energy consumption in period of time and I found a problem... None of Energy storages in our modpack (Energy Cell from TE, Capacitor Cell from EnderIO and Energy Cube from Mekanism) isn't sending data about actual energy output, so I've got stuck in my code. Has anybody a solution to my problem? Thanks, Steve505