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  1. IlynPayne

    The Guard - security system

    The Guard - security system The Guard is a base security control program I've written in 2016. It allows you to use some of the security devices from the OpenSecurity mod. It has modular architecture - all features are implemented in independent modules that can be replaced. It has action-driven - you can specify how everything behaves using the action system. Features modular architecture action-driven configurable behavior redstone support (Redstone I/O blocks) support of security devices from OpenComputes: keypads biometric readers RFID card readers turrets entity detectors motion sensors alarms Further reading The guard has its own wiki, on which you can find the installation instructions as well as the example configuration and other information. If somebody is interested in writing a new module, I can create a wiki page with API documentation (basic information is provided in the_guard.lua file). WIKI Disclaimer Although I have tested this program, a few issues might have slipped through. In that case feel free to report them in this thread or, even better, on the issue tracker if you have Gitlab account. If there's an error, be sure to include log contents (logs button on the right side of the program's interface) containing that error. Screenshots
  2. IlynPayne

    SGCX - SGCraft Staragte Controller

    @TobiDoesMC You've made a typo. Domain name should be gitlab, not getlab.
  3. IlynPayne

    SGCX - SGCraft Staragte Controller

    Address calculator uses exactly the same logic as the SGCraft mod. I "borrowed" the source code and translated it to Lua.
  4. IlynPayne

    SGCX - SGCraft Staragte Controller

    Manually entering an interface address can be cumbersome, so I've updated the app and available addresses can now be selected from list.
  5. IlynPayne

    SGCX - SGCraft Staragte Controller

    That's a nice feature. Indeed there was an alert in the show while the stargate was open. You could use redstone signal in conjunction with my base security control system, The Guard. (As soon as I finish the translation, it will be posted in the showcase section).
  6. IlynPayne

    SGCX - SGCraft Staragte Controller

    SGCX - SGCraft Stargate Controller Simple GUI application based on GML library. Maybe it will prove useful for someone. Showcase: Installation steps: First download the package manager that will be used to download the application and all required dependencies: wget https://gitlab.com/d_rzepka/oc-equipment/raw/master/installer/arpm.lua Use the package manager do download SGCX: arpm install sgcx Run SGCX with an additional argument - init. This will allow you to pick a stargate interface address from list. It is required only during the first startup - address will be saved in a configuration file. sgcx init Optionally you can install the irisAuth package (remote iris management) using the previously mentioned package manager, although it wasn't tested with newest version of SGCX yet and may not work. Features: Displaying stargate status Storing gate addresses Disconnecting wormhole after specified time Automatic iris control (see installation steps, step 4) Displaying distance to the selected destination Address calculator: convert addresses within one dimension into chunk (and estimated block) coordinates and vice versa Requirements: Tier 3 screen and GPU At least 1 MB RAM Network card Keyboard

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