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Heavy Cat

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  1. Heavy Cat

    BuildCraft not supplying power

    I am trying to get a buildcraft sterling generator to power my OC pc and it refuses to connect. i tried using the power converter, plugging it in directly with and without pipes, etc. Can someone help me with this? Something to note: I have a computer powered by a coal generator from Advanced Rocketry, so it's not something universal.
  2. Heavy Cat

    Computronics Help

    oooooohkay. umm, this seems to hard for me to do. at this point i dont care what audio i get on the casset, i just want audio on there at all. is there a way to record something in-game? i'm not sure if this is stupid question or something. regardless, i just want something on it. thank you anyways.
  3. Heavy Cat

    Computronics Help

    So i am trying to use the computronics casset tape, and i want to upload my file from my pc to my casset tape and play it. how can i do this? if i can't, how do i get audio on it at all? Note: i have converted the file to DFPWM already
  4. Heavy Cat

    StattenOS - Base control system

    i have a "Too long without yielding" error. What do i do?
  5. Heavy Cat

    Remote Robot

    Can someone make a remote robot system? Here is how i want it to work: you need: a tablet. a robot. and you simply run the lua commands (robot.up, robot.down, etc) from the tablet. Can someone make this for me?
  6. Heavy Cat

    Points3D - Realtime 3D point renderer

    Cool Program! Not really much to it, but cool nonetheless!
  7. Heavy Cat

    Idea Get!

    Can Someone make a internet hub? it would be so cool to have like 500 computers all connected together by a main hub. and maybe a terminal to monitor the packets? now we just need that on a server. (if someone desides to make a self-speading virus, we're doomed)

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