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  1. trainfan91

    MineOS: powerful desktop environment for OpenOS

    openfm JUST got an update, and the radio app fails to work for it... pls fix! EDIT: it refuses to install from link
  2. trainfan91

    Computronics DFPWM1a on 1.7.10

    Description: I'd Like Computronics 1.7.10 to use the 1.8.9 audio format Function: Better Quality Audio Deadline: as long as it works, take as long as you need to complete it! Additional Information: Simply ask me if you have other questions
  3. trainfan91

    MineOS: powerful desktop environment for OpenOS

    I'm getting an error at line 221 in the radio app after deteting songs, how do i fix it? EDIT: It also happens after adding songs main.lua to be exact

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