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  1. LightningShock

    oredict values in Stacks or on geolyzer

    whether* Yes, this is a good idea, but you can get around this for now. Save the block to a database and hash it. then make an oredict table.
  2. LightningShock

    OETF #8 - Allocated Network Card Port Numbers

    I think a port like port 1 should be reserved for broadcasts, so that computers following this list always have that port open so that new computers attached to the network know what port to use in order to join that network(other computers being aware of it's existence).
  3. LightningShock

    Navigation Virtual waypoint

    Let me ask again. Is your virtual waypoint supposed to be seen by navigation upgrades in range other that the one who created it?
  4. LightningShock

    Navigation Virtual waypoint

    So like, that virtual waypoint can be seen by any robot in range?
  5. I've heard Plan9k has better multi-threading and virtual components, however I couldn't find any documentation that shows how to use such things, or to even mention plan9k. So, how can I get started with Plan9k?

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