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  1. I've got a door control that I'd like one computer to run on startup, is there anyway of doing this?
  2. That works fantastic, thank you!
  3. Open and quit still don't do anything.
  4. I see, I've noticed that the motion sensor works, but neither Open nor Quit does anything.
  5. Wow, thank you so much for doing this! Though it looks like for some reason it can't find the thread library, is that a non-included library?
  6. I replaced io.read() with event.pull() and now the motion sensor works perfectly. Though now I can't enter anything to open the door, so clearly I used the wrong call, right?
  7. hmm, then maybe the sensitivity is too low? How can I change that? The sensitivity is fine actually. I don't know what's up with it. I ran it as it's own script and it worked (mind you it didn't keep a solid redstone output, so the piston kept moving.) so maybe it has something to do with how I structured it. Is it my "While true do"?
  8. I have this script that I wrote to control a piston door via redstone and on the other side of the door I have a motion sensor to open the piston door (toggle the redstone signal on). For some reason the motion sensor isn't doing anything, though. I know it's something I did, I'm new to LUA. local component = require("component") local sides = require("sides") local event = require("event") local gpu = component.gpu local term = require("term") local rs = component.redstone -- Config local delay = 5 while true do -- GUI term.clear() gpu.setForeground(0x00FF00) print("--------------------------- ToNELvision MICROSYTEMS ---------------------------\n") gpu.setForeground(0xFFFFFF) print("Welcome. Please enter one of the displayed commands. It may take a few seconds for the command to be interpreted.\n") gpu.setForeground(0xE6AB38) print("Open") print("Close") gpu.setForeground(0xFFFFFF) term.setCursor(1,9) local input=io.read() if input == "Open" then rs.setOutput(side.right, 15) os.sleep(delay) rs.setOutput(side.right, 0) else wrong = true end -- Motion Sensor local id, _, x, y, entityName = event.pull("motion") rs.setOutput(sides.right, 15) os.sleep(delay) rs.setOutput(sides.right, 0) end