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  1. QuietStorm

    Reactor / Turbine Monitor

    @Nexarius @Molinko Thanks for the help. It's for extreme reactors mc 1.11.2 btw. I'll give it a go and post the results. Again, many thanks!
  2. QuietStorm

    Reactor / Turbine Monitor

    My first crack at Lua and opencomputers. This is a small program that monitors reactors and turbines. I'm having an issue with the screen flickering as stats get updated, otherwise it works great. - Monitors multiple reactors and turbines - Can auto shutdown turbines when buffer fills and restart at a set energy amount - Can auto set Turbine flow rate and adjust accordingly when blades are added or removed - Can power on or off individual reactors and turbines - Insert or retract reactor control rods (multiples of 10 only) - Many machine stats displayed Again, this is my first with Lua and Opencomputer. And help with the flickering screen would be greatly appreciated! Download

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