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      The latest released version of OpenComputers is version 1.7.2 for MC 1.7.10, 1.10.2, 1.11.2 & 1.12.2. See more information here! Beta/Dev builds can be found at the Jenkins Build Server (ci.cil.li)


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  1. Big Reactors Grid Control

    @XyFreak I don't suppose there's any chance of this program expanding to just "Reactors, Turbines and Grid Control" is there? I'm wanting to play around with Mekanism reactors and turbines but I don't want to lose this program.
  2. Big Reactors Grid Control

    Yeah, I figured as much. I was hoping it could be read, though. Maybe have a config file with options that could be changed in the mod settings? Thanks for the quick reply!
  3. Big Reactors Grid Control

    I realised it would be the case as I was typing it! No problem. Did you see my edit of the previous post?
  4. Big Reactors Grid Control

    Yeah, with just my passive reactor and the turbine connected, it would try and slow the turbine and leave the reactor at full (I had the turbine on independent, so that probably caused that). I just added my Induction Matrix to the network and it runs perfectly. My turbine span up to full speed and my reactor is running at optimal. Note: you should probably update the documentation to say that it works with induction matrices as it wasn't on your list so I just thought it wouldn't work. "Currently EnderIO Capacitors (requires the mod Computronics), Draconic Evolution Energy Storage and RFTools Power Cells are supported." EDIT: Just noticed an error with the program. Well, more a hardcoded number than should read variables - if possible. I'm playing All The Mods 3 and in this pack, they've changed the ratios for energy conversion. Your program is saying that my induction matrix stores ~1.4TRF but it's actually only capable of storing 448GRF. The output (weighted) figure is also wrong, saying about 230kRF/t when it's actually about 170kRF/t (according to the matrix itself).
  5. Big Reactors Grid Control

    Hey XyFreak. I'm back! Used to use this program a good while ago and then went away from Minecraft. I'm back now and still very grateful that you wrote this excellent piece of software. Now my questions are: Any chance of Mekanism Induction Matrix support? How does the software handle a turbine connected that isn't supported by an active reactor? I've connected mine and it's started it up so seems good but I've only just connected it. I've got a reactor connected as well - but it's passive. I'm producing steam for the turbine with compression dynamos with specialisations and augments because they're daaamn OP.
  6. Big Reactors Grid Control

    That's fair enough. I forgot to mention that I'm not using EnderIO conduits in any way connected to the computer. It's a Flux Point for power and OCs own network cables for networking. Awesome news on the external storage options. I'll be eagerly awaiting. It'll work with the DE Energy Core, right?
  7. Big Reactors Grid Control

    Interesting. The control computer has been offline since it last crashed as my Tier 7 Dragonball is full (energy core) and the reactor is not needed at the moment. However, I just checked it with the analyser and right enough, it says 11/0 connected. Now I'm not sure if it includes internal components or just network components.... If it includes internal, that does make sense. If it doesn't, then it's wrong. And I'm assuming the "/0" is because it's off? Shame about the remote feature. Is it planned? And how's the external energy storage feature going?
  8. Big Reactors Grid Control

    Going to set up my reactor with turbines soon and I'm hoping to have them in one void world and my main base in another void world. Is it possible to have the computer, screen and keyboard in the main base and have linked cards (or some other interdimensional transmission system) connected to the reactors and turbines? Quick note: after logging off for several hours and logging back in, my reactor control computer was switched off but my TPS-Check computer was still online.
  9. Big Reactors Grid Control

    Already checked it out. Hopped into creative, set up a reactor with your program and promptly blew it up. I assume I set something wrong, but I couldn't be bothered with the risk so stuck with BR (or Extreme Reactors as it now is). Hmm.... That's a real shame. I'll give it a shot though. What about a storage bus on a Demonicly Gargantuan Drum and... Oh wait, I'd need ExtraCells 2 for that. Where are all the mods at!? Devs?
  10. Big Reactors Grid Control

    No problem. Another question... I saw Refined Storage causing issues before with transferring steam. Have you had any experience of ME system P2P tunnels and turbines? I always used to use tesseracts but until ThermalDynamics is done, I can't. There are other options but P2P would be nicest for me if it's capable.
  11. Big Reactors Grid Control

    Cool. I'll probably aim for ~50B/t but then use 20 turbines per reactor (depending on setup difficulty). Server restarts: well that's interesting. I disconnected from the server, then went to the server console and typed "save-all" and then "stop", as I always do. I waiting 5-10 seconds and then launched it again. Connected and the computer was still on. FTB Beyond 1.5.2 with FastLeafDecay, VeinMiner and MachineMuse's Modular Powersuits added - though I don't see how they would affect it.
  12. Big Reactors Grid Control

    Sure. I'll just test and get back to you. I imagine it will though. I left it all running last night. Just got home from work and hopped on with the computer off and needing re-calibrating. That's what prompted me to ask. Another quick question: When building an active reactor, should I build it to be most efficient at 50B/t or just able to keep up at 50B/t?
  13. Big Reactors Grid Control

    Prepare to be disappointed... general ( # A multiplier for balancing fuel consumption. Default: 1.0 D:fuelUsageMultiplier=16.0 And this... reactor { # The maximum valid size of a reactor in the Y dimension, in blocks. Lower this if your server's players are building ginormous reactors. Bigger Y sizes have far less performance impact than X/Z sizes I:maxReactorHeight=128 # The maximum valid size of a reactor in the X/Z plane, in blocks. Lower this if your server's players are building ginormous reactors I:maxReactorSize=63 # A multiplier for balancing reactor power production. Stacks with powerProductionMultiplier. Default: 1.0 D:reactorPowerProductionMultiplier=4.0 } It's basically so that I can build mahoosive reactors until I get to the point that I actually can be bothered to work on building 20+ turbines. Going to play with RFTools Builder or perhaps go the old-fashioned route and use MFFS since that's in FTB Beyond. That's assuming you can still build things that way.
  14. Big Reactors Grid Control

    Odd thing I've noticed... I had my world on single player for a long time and the computer was reset a few times (chunk loading issues, I assume) causing it to re-calibrate. Every single time, my reactor would output almost exactly 550kRF/t every single time (on PWM). I have tweaked the configs slightly - it's not that big of a reactor. I've since moved the world to my server to take the strain off of the client and every time it happens now, I get a different result. Initially, it carried on the same. Then it started running at 590kRF/t. Next time, it is only showing 540kRF/t. Any idea what's causing the huge variances? I would have thought tick-rate, but surely the tick rate on my SP save would have been worse - or at least more erratic - than when it's run on the server?
  15. AE2 Management Programs?

    Hi all, Back on 1.7.10, I had ComputerCraft and someone made an amazing program that literally controlled your Applied Energistics system so that you could keep specific amounts of whatever stocked at all times. The program was Stockpile and here it is: https://github.com/sidoh/stockpile Has anyone created anything similar to this on OpenComputers as I'd really love some decent programs - already enjoying the Big Reactor Grid Controller that XyFreak posted on here.