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  1. I have finally gotten to the point where I feel I am capable enough to write an addon mod for OpenComputers. This addon is the result of my desire to provide useful mechanics which are gated behind OpenComputers knowledge and infrastructure. As the title of this post suggests, this addon will focus on the manipulation of matter (and energy) through the use of OpenComputers components. All machines in this addon/mod will require OpenComputers to function. This mod will not feature any GUIs, besides the interfaces OpenComputers itself provides. Planned content (may change): - A Transporter system similar to the technology of the same name seen in Star Trek. (This will be the first feature added and is currently being worked on) - A viable endgame power source (power output comparable to Mekanism's Fusion Reactor) in the form of a matter-antimatter reactor. - An Energy->Matter converter similar to the Replicator technology seen in Star Trek. Any ideas or feedback on this project is welcome! The GitHub repository for this project may be found here.
  2. @payonel Thanks for the suggestion, I'll be sure to make that change.
  3. This is correct. The installer and installdata files should be downloaded to and run from the root directory.
  4. Thanks for the responses! I think I misread the wiki. I thought there was some magic happening here that was allowing for preemptive yielding, hence my confusion. I appreciate the explanation, you saved from trying to pick through the Thread API myself!
  5. After reading through the wiki page on the OpenOS Thread API, it seems that Threads allow for preemptive yielding. What I am wondering is how this is accomplished, since (afaik) there is no way to implement preemptive yielding with normal Lua coroutines.
  6. Working on the network command rewrite, and a much-needed improvement to the terminal: https://gyazo.com/d3f8e0cdc9465aea66d0b3aa49e7e08a
  7. I am, at some point, going to rewrite the installer to automatically grab InstallData from a GitHub release.
  8. Right. I now know what's happening. Like an idiot, I did not update the pastebin files. You can grab the updated files off my StattenOS installer repo, or wait until I can update the pastebin files. My bad.
  9. Not currently at my computer, but that it looks like that error is in the recursive JSON decode. Can you open the installer and verify that OS.sleep is defined?
  10. To clarify, the program crashed before InstallData was fully read into memory? I think I need to add more tolerance, because I have used the installer multiple times without issue.
  11. I have modified and reuploaded the installer. The installer should now work correctly. This update also means that the netcode overhaul is also now present in the InstallData file. Any issues with high network traffic causing computers to freeze should now be fixed.
  12. This has been an ongoing issue. I need to modify the JSON library I use to yield during large operations.
  13. The Fusion Reactor is composed of five components. You can view these using the 'listCompAddresses' command on a StattenOS install set to the Fusion Reactor driver. The command will list the name of each device, what block it is, and what it should be connected to. Use the 'setCompAddress [name] [UUID]' command to register a component specified with the name parameter to the UUID (will accept shortened UUID string) provided with the UUID parameter.
  14. I am currently working on the OS again, and will look at the installer once I have finished the rather large amount of refactoring I have started on the network code (I found a huge optimization which should stop issues I was having with the computers locking up during times of high network traffic). What version of OpenComputers are you using? For now, if you would like to install the operating system to use it, you can always manually place the files in a filesystem (world/OpenComputers/FilesystemUUID). To do this the filesystem must have been initialized (either install OpenOS or mount it to a computer running OpenOS and edit a file onto it).
  15. Yes, I did know about that. If you look at the code in the network module you will see that I set the card's strength to max before sending a packet. I have also found on several occasions that wireless packets are sporadically not received when sent from the same location. I've had this happen multiple times when, for instance, dialing a gate ~10 blocks away from the receiving computer with one layer of bocks separating the broadcast and reception points. While it only happens sometimes, it is annoying enough for me to not use wireless networks if I am not required to.
  16. Still playing in 1.10. I'm not moving to a newer version until the Warp drive mod does. (it's still in the process of being updated to 1.10 lol) expect many drivers for WD devices.
  17. If you do end up creating additional drivers, let me know. I would love to include them!
  18. I designed the tablet driver with the intention of using linked cards. I find wireless networks in OC to be unreliable, especially where the tablet is concerned. I can add an option to toggle the use of wireless cards in responding to a ping and accessing the gateRegistry, though.
  19. Wow. Ok then. The OS is heavily network-oriented. It's written so any device can run a command on any other device in the network. The reason for having to press a key to bring up the prompt is because running one of these commands from the network will mess up the prompt if it is open. listComponentMethods takes an address, if you look at the arguments listed in 'help listComponentMethods' (I can allow it to look for components by primary if it does not find one by address). The shutdown/reboot command errors are legit, it's happening because the command does not for the case where a device-specific module (I call these 'Drivers') is not actually loaded (this happens by default since the device is set to 'Default', which does not load a file from /Drivers/. I forgot to remove some testcode which compiled the installer/InstallData files on boot, which is why it says it's removing them every time it starts (it's also why you see the OS packaging itself every time it starts).
  20. https://github.com/elijahlorden/StattenOS-Installer You can get the installer files from here for now. use wget to close the Installer and InstallData files to files of the same names in the root directory of an existing OpenOS install (not the OpenOS floppy). Next, run the installer and power cycle the computer once it has completed. I will add instructions to the initial post (including the wget commands for copy/paste).
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