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  1. ghost1257


    ok Thank you
  2. ghost1257


    Hey I am writing a program and has of right now I am using event.pullMultiple because it is used to control my fluid nuclear reactors. It can shut them off and turn them on and also out puts data but I am having trouble getting it to update automatic without hitting a button on the keyboard. Without losing function of the program I can get code on here later if need be. Thanks
  3. ghost1257

    Help with events and coroutines

    Hi I tried out the code but keep throwing a red flag and saying no primary CESU and I even tried the MFSU and did the same thing how do I fix this. I am using the adaptor also. Also what is the redstone function for?
  4. ghost1257

    To be removed

    Hey, guys, I am just wondering how do I get the actual storage to show up I got the other graphs but that one won't show up. I am using industrial craft 2. please help I am just using the code above

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